Mildreds vegetarian/vegan restaurant. A review

Mildreds is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Soho with a no-booking policy and an inhospitable waiting area.  On arrival we were advised that we’d have to spend up to an hour in the narrow entrance before a table became free, penned in between the bar and the wall with many other hopeful diners and the continual activities of the waiting staff. My friend rapidly developed claustrophobia and a waiter graciously (read grudgingly) granted us permission to leave the building. We decided to go wait it out with a drink in the warm fug of TV production staff in the John Snow 30 seconds down the road. We arrived back in good time – we had about 5 minutes to wait. I announced to my friends it was my round and was overheard by another waiter – who inferred correctly that we had been out and so threatened to de-list us! I gave a bit of lip and either because of that or for some other reason we were seated in minutes. The selection of beers was very dull.

We waited for 15 minutes to order drinks and about half an hour to order food (from a different waiter because we couldn’t get the attention of ours). It was another half an hour before the food arrived. There was cream with my burrito. “Is this the vegan burrito?” I asked. The waiter replied “No” and removed the plate. The others began their meal. Our original waiter came to the table. “You didn’t tell me you wanted a vegan option burrito”, he said. “You didn’t take my order”, I answered. “Oh”, he said “I thought I didn’t remember you asking me for a vegan option burrito”. Then he went away.The burrito was mediocre, as were the sweet potato fries. Other people enjoyed their meal.

The toilets were slummy. No soap.

After our plates were cleared we waited 20 minutes to order desserts and a further 15 or 20 for them to arrive (I had the chocolate rasberry torte which was fine). Then we asked for the bill. It came within about 90 seconds. We paid in cash and decided not to tip. The total was something like £56.00 without service and £63.00 with it. We put in £60. We never got our change. Because nobody wanted to make a fuss, I didn’t. One of the waiters kicked me in both heels on my way out in a bout of unaccustomed haste.

So. Mildreds: inhospitable; variable quality food; disrespectful and unfriendly, or friendly but inattentive, or petty tyrannical staff; unhygienic sanitary facilities.

You won’t catch me back there in a hurry.

2 thoughts on “Mildreds vegetarian/vegan restaurant. A review

  1. reminiscent of the two occasions on which I’ve bothered to wait for a table. their mushroom pie is heaven-sent, but i’m more inclined to rip them off and make one at home than wait for shoddy service at not insignificant prices.

    and yet people swarm there, hence the queues. conclusion: too few true vegetarian restaurants in central london?

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