Happy holidays reader – back Jan 3rd

For Christian readers and tag-alongs, Happy Christmas, tomorrow.

Mazaika Snow Girl

Jewish readers, happy Chanukah, day 3 – hag sameach.


For Muslim readers, happy Al Hajira for 29th.


And the rest of you I either missed (Pagans) or nothing doing. Enjoy the telly. I might not blog for a while. This year’s New Year will be spent at the Peaks. Like most years the twelve of us will dress to a theme. In 2003 we were fairly new to it and simple cross-dressing was enough. Here’s Matt and me back then:


This year it’s Nativity (not my idea – I think somebody had a donkey costume they wanted to use). There’ll be sheep, stars and shepherds. Joseph, Matt is Mary. Anit will be our little son, and Brian the angel Gabriel. I’m Joseph – so, tevas, a dressing gown, a tea-towel – and wig, beard and paunch as usual.


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