New years’ resolutions

In a nutshell, I intend to be both understanding and firm this year.

This year I’ll be a less pusillanimous vegan. There will be firmer objections to the eating of animal. I won’t be good humoured about jokes and there will be no more indulging of pork sausages and swordfish steaks at my barbecues. All critical activities in this department will be directed at celebrity cooks and other opinion formers, not at the friends I wish to keep.

I’ll try not to leave people who deserve overt support sticking their necks out without me while I assume the superficial and untaxing posture of peacemaker.

I’ll tackle political conundrums with a novel new approach – making excuses for everything. This should isolate the things for which it is impossible to make excuses and then hey presto I will know exactly what to think. It should also salve my current blistering negativity when confronted with arseholes.

I’ll reconnect with environmentalism, which I currently practise by rote. Having reached the end of my (remedial) year of women and animals, this year’s particular focus will be the environment and how it sustains us.

Secularism too.

I’ll commemorate everything which has a significant anniversary this year, including the National State Pension, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and WIZO.

I’ll try to think about what internationalism should mean in socialist politics.

At work I’ll become famous for initiative, knowledge, judgement and getting things done.

I’ll manage my time extremely well, with close reference to Lifehacker and by being disciplined about priorities.

I’ll keep in better touch with absent friends (this will involve getting accurate weighing scales so that I can send them things without spending a lunchtime queueing at the Post Office.

That’s plenty. Starts now.

Oh – and I will go to bed at a decent hour on weeknights.


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