It’s instant gratification. It’s like Twitter for music lovers. As well as tweeting, you also blip. There’s a great deal of music in their library. So I blipped.

Smash It Up, by The Damned

How To Fight Loneliness, by Wilco

Rattled By The Rush, by Pavement

A Certain Someone, by The Sundays

Been Caught Stealing, by Jane’s Addiction

and then Pets by Porno For Pyros

How Soon Is Now, by The Smiths

Harold and Joe, a rare late gem by The Cure.

And then I thought of you and set up a new account, fleshisgrass, and so lost the small but growing amount of kudos I’d accumulated.

Posted How Soon Is Now again. Couldn’t find any King of the Slums so made a quick lunge for Janie Jones by The Clash, had a little jump around to warm myself up (Matt is unhere) and went to bed.

Maybe see you on there?

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