Supporters of Palestine?

Not in any positive sense. What have they achieved?

Viewing the conflict wrong. See Harry’s Place and Engage for (give or take) the three weeks previous to this date for the particulars. Nothing they do seems to have any impact on the occupation. But there are nasty side-effects.

Expressing themselves, but with futility. Is it this futility and outrage combined which leads to terrorising Jews?

It’s hard to know how to respond. Where does this go next?

8 thoughts on “Supporters of Palestine?

  1. Speaking of letters, here’s one from the latest edition of the New Statesman. The punchline is at the end:

    15 January 2009

    The Jews’ role reversed

    John Pilger rightly compares the genocidal situation in Gaza with the “Nazis’ establishment of Jewish ghettoes in Poland” (Cover story, 12 January) and with the revenge exacted by the Nazis on the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance.

    My grandparents perished in the ghetto at the hands of the Nazis, and my childhood in Israel was infused with horror stories about the Holocaust – all ending with the promising pledge “Never again”. Witnessing from afar the ongoing carnage in the Gaza Strip, I was reminded once again of the heroic resistance movement in Warsaw.

    Tragically, the liquidated ones of the past have become the liquidators of the present, and the leaders of the western world yet again are taking no action to halt an unfolding holocaust, perpetrated with impunity by a mighty military force.

    Ruth Tenne

    London NW6

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  2. seeing whats going on in gaza got many people seeing how heartless the Isreali’s really are. when i see how many people have died , i could tell that the isreali’s are really afraid of the palestinians. for example hamas killed 13 isreali’s and the zionists in return killed over 1,300.

  3. i hope one day the world will see what disgusting people the Israeli’s are so the whole world will come together and fight Israel and win, The Israeli’s will have no chance in winning w/o the US to hold them up. THe US needs to stop supporting Israel and help the helpless civilians who are getting killed everyday. This has been going on for 60 years yet the holocaust went on for way less and people recognize the holocaust way more than the Catastophe goingg on in PALESTINE.

  4. Lena, many innocent civilians have been killed, you are right. But it is not because “Israelis came”. The Jews who created Israel were forced out and landed on you. Things could have been very different if… But that ship has sailed. For you, perhaps, all that followed has been a disaster, and I reckon that now for you the wounds are too raw to contemplate peace while Gaza is in rubble and Gazans are in mourning – but Israeli and Palestinian leaders know what peace looks like, and peace will come.

    The support you get from your loudest supporters in my country is bad. Many want Palestinians to carry on fighting until Israel is gone. This won’t help anybody get an education, or look after their kids, or make a living in fulfilling ways. It won’t help Palestinians and Israelis get their self-confidence and trust back enough to live side by side or together.

    Israelis are not disgusting people. They’re like you and me.

    And I do my part – it is a small part – to stop the killing and to speak for Palestinians under occupation. But I also have to look in my own back yard, and worry about the people who say they want to help you, but in fact have their own agenda.

  5. Dear fleshisgrass
    it has been 60 years. 60 years of torment. the isreali’s say that they donot want anything that happened to them to happen to other people. but what do you call what they are doing to the palestienians right now? i call it genocide. we palestianins did do anything to the zionist to make them do what they are doing to us.

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