If there was a left

Visionary guest post on the Israel-Palestine conflict by Jimmy Bradshaw on Harry’s Place.

I would add that if there was a left it would care about contemporary events which affect people in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Congo, and other even worse attended corners of the world, as intensely as it cares about what happens in Gaza. The Institute for War and Peace Reporting is a revelation.

Or maybe the intensity of feeling would correspond at least roughly to the severity of the suffering. Now, when Gazans need advocates, you get the sense that the anti-Israel left lost their vim a long time ago. For most, attacking Israel has become, as Alinsky put it, “a ritualistic commitment“. This is not true for a proportion of Jewish anti-Zionists, who ratchet up the desperation with shrill references to the lessons (yuck!) of the Holocaust which in my opinion do violence to its memory. See Ruth Tenne (ht Kellie) and Gerald Kaufman.

Why do they feel it so acutely when Jews stop being victims?