Shedloads of snow

This is Barkingside just before midnight on February 1st. It’s set to snow all night and there’s a rumour of 6 inches.


Dawn out the back:


The snow isn’t good snowball snow but it would be good sledging snow. To go sledging is one of my ambitions but I don’t think I’d be fulfilling it this year.

UPDATE – my workplace is closing for the day. Glad I stayed put. The bus network is entirely suspended, there are severe delays on the Central Line and South Eastern trains aren’t operating. More pics.

Grenadine granita!!!!



Cleared the bird table (tray on a stick) several times already today, only to see its goodies disappear into the crops of Avigdor and Annette the wood-pigeons. They generally take anything I leave on a surface sturdy enough to support their hefty bodies. So I cleared a space on the ground and the gang of starlings had a bite – but the prospect of a cat attack stops them from relaxing.

I notice our insulation is good, unlike my back-opposite neighbours (who have extended up and sideways, keep asking me to cut down our tree, and always leave their lights on – their house looks like the Blackpool Illuminations).

UPDATE: 3rf Feb. Work still closed???!!! God, this country is going down hill.


12 thoughts on “Shedloads of snow

  1. That’s just not fair. We can get 12+ inches and they never close the office. Grrrr. Perhaps I should move back to Blighty.

  2. Ha – see what you are missing.
    (Incidentally Matt P, Uncle Monkey moved from London to Boston, and Uncle Monkey, Matt moved from London to San Diego. I think you two have probably met, but you might need to see the rest of Matt P’s head to know for sure, and I can’t de-alias Uncle Monkey, can I.)

  3. As I repeat to myself and to Matt every day, I love it here in Barkingside. There is no other place on earth I’d rather live. There is no better area of London than here. Our women are gorgeous and there are ferrets in little harnesses and tiny girls in sundresses. We have the tube and a farm shop. At night the High Street is illuminated like an airstrip. The shopkeepers are gracious. There are gravel pits, a library and a pool with lights which change colour all through the night. All summer the children play in the streets. I’m telling you, there’s no other place than here.

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