Peacocks, socialists on cats, Morrissey on not eating animals

Some of you know I blog elsewhere. Well, I write a lot and don’t publish much. Fleshisgrass has been a bit dull lately. I wanted to do a post on what’s been happening to Italian gypsies and something on animals in the media. Here are the animals – the gypsies will follow.

Peacocks held captive as art, at Camden Arts Centre.

On Socialist Unity Andy Newman seeming to care about urban and suburban non-domestic animal life as he presents statistics on the carnage cat keepers (via their cats) enact on the wildlife in their neighbourhood.  And then it turns out he’s simply playing the fox-hunters against the cat-keepers and doesn’t give much of a toss about animals, give or take a whippet. Apparently scaring a fox half to death and then running it down and tearing it apart is simply “different values”. Jesus.

Another thing which baited my breath and the bottomed out horribly – Akhandadhi Das on Thought for the Day which turned out to be merely about how much better humans are. Here is its corresponding Platitude. And here is Christian the lion (shouldn’t that be Christine?), as mentioned:

That made me feel more sympathetic to cat owners.

On BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, Wed 18th Feb, 19:15. Morrissey talked of abbatoirs, the defining influence of his youth. I had the same realisation and also never came to terms with it. Well, abbatoirs are not something you should come to terms with. Here he is talking about vegetarianism to People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. I liked this bit:

” I really believe that every small gesture can be seen and can be just as effective as any other gesture – as long as you keep it foremost in your mind and it’s therefore in everything that you do that you are protecting animals, who need us to protect them. I think it’s just so possible to be influential-also, when you’re a touring unit, and you tour as much as I do, and you tour as a vegetarian unit, and you make it known. You hear so many stories now of groups who tour as vegetarian units, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s great to be saying “no, no, no” to all these old stale industries. And you arrive at hotels like this, and you book 20 rooms, and all these rooms are vegetarian rooms, and you’re making it known all the time that [in] this large touring party, … nobody is interested in your stale, old silly menus. So it is effective. It really is effective.”

At the Science Museum’s wonderful Dana Centre a discussion on vegetarianism and the planet. Why isn’t it recorded? Some stuff is webcast – here is something on scientific racism i.e. treating some people as less human than others. My hunch is that this is related to the way we treat animals.

And because I know that it is mean, self-indulgent and irresponsible to chide people about things they enjoy doing without proposing alternatives, see VeggieVision which is about to get bigger.


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