Wanted: digital engagement director with knowledge of “jams”

This Cabinet Office job ad for a Director of Digital Engagement had us scratching our heads in the office.

“The successful applicant will

  • Introduce new techniques and software for digital engagement, such as ‘jams’ into Government”

Our crests fell – nary a one of us had ever heard of ‘jams’. Harakiri beckoned.

Then we discovered that The Register was similarly baffled.

“Er, such as… what? After asking around Shoreditch, this morning, I’m none the wiser. “Jams” doesn’t even seem to be in the Web 2.0 lexicon. But Kick In The Jams, it is, though.”

Is it an initiative test? Is one of those psychological experiments to see who has the confidence and/or integrity to request clarification on ‘jams’?

Yes, Tory papers, it’s overpaid. But only in the usual uninspired way employers communicate with prospective employees that their role is extremely important. Here, we love you, have some extra money. This is a fucking big job, not one to be derided with the sneery epithet ‘twittercrat’:

“This is not a role for a generalist. The professional skills required are formidable. Engagement in the digital space is a young ‘profession’ and the job requires someone who would be acknowledged by their peer group to be a leader in this field. The successful candidate will have a CV that creates instant credibility and confidence with Ministers, senior officials and digital communicators in Whitehall.”

Clay Shirky could do it. Somebody from MySociety?

Depressingly (and this is really beginning to make me sad) I think the Register is right when they say it’s going to be “jobs for the boys”.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: digital engagement director with knowledge of “jams”

  1. Does Orlowski mean “Kick Out The Jams”? You really ought to filter his crap out of your Register feed.

    Interesting job though. And I have no idea what a jam is. I know what the JAMMs were.

  2. Twasn’t a feed – I googled and it came up.
    How about this: https://www.collaborationjam.com/
    “In a world where innovation is global, multidisciplinary and open, you need to bring different minds and different perspectives together to discover new solutions to long-standing problems. Therein lies the essence of collaborative innovation.

    IBM’s Jams and other Web 2.0 collaborative mediums are opening up tremendous possibilities for collaborative innovation — ways of working across industries, disciplines, and national borders.”

  3. Still not 100% clear what a jam is, but I surmise some form of training conference.

    “When shake your head in local paper story of a crime kid and hold the photo up and say; “He shames us all, this fellow. Look!” Then read the silence, look again and see that he is you, this long-lens shifty bugger in a park. Then welcome, mmm, oo huxterpaz welcome, in Blue Jam.”

    Big Blue Jam, geddit?

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