New bed. Vegan polish.

We got a new-old bed off Ebay (also a new mattress off Mattress Next Day which this took 3 weeks to arrive, and a new bed base). I think you’ll agree it’s beautiful.


Suddenly I became house-proud and desirous of polishing so I went looking far and wide for animal-free polish. The last port of call was Waitrose in South Woodford, where I found Method’s Touch Wood which is vegan and environmentally better than most.


3 thoughts on “New bed. Vegan polish.

  1. That is beautiful. Nice plate above it too. Picture rails!
    Was Mattress Next Day supposed to take 3 weeks? I suppose Mattress When We Get Round To It doesn’t sound so good.

  2. No. Mattress Next Day could do with being much more previous.
    Yeah, picture rails. Came with the house. Bless me, I tried to strip them. My father out law thought I was mad. Ended up just sanding and painting. Make painting take twice as long. But handy for pictures.

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