Demonstration this Saturday 7 March 09 – One Law for All

Demonstrate against faith-based tribunals – be they Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or whatever.

A demonstration in Central London organised by One Law For All.

What I won’t be demonstrating against is Muslims or Islam, Jews or Judaism, Hindus or Hinduism. I’m secularist but not anti-religion. Yes to faith, yes to religion – but one law for all.

From the site:

Show your opposition to Sharia law and all religious-based tribunals in Britain and elsewhere.

Demand one secular law and full citizenship rights for all.

Demand an end to cultural relativism and racism and defend universal rights.

Demand the right to asylum for all those who have fled Sharia law.

  • By joining a symbolic demonstration from 3.30–4.30pm in the NorthernTerrace of Trafalgar Square in London
  • Marching through London from 4.30–5.30pm from Trafalgar Square to Red Lion Square
  • Joining a public meeting entitled ‘Sharia law, Sexual Apartheid and Women’s Rights’ at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (nearest underground Holborn) from 6.00–8.00pm.

This Sat 7th March, central London.


One thought on “Demonstration this Saturday 7 March 09 – One Law for All

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