UCU election results

Ringing the changes at UCU. Cautious optimism that the SWP deathgrip is weakening and with it the Israel fixation. See Engage. I asked some friends to change a habit and vote. Thanks a lot those who did. Those who didn’t, thanks a lot in a different tone. Under 10% turnout benefited for example Tom Hickey and Malcolm Povey of the SWP, who survived. Engage:

“From looking at the figures, it is clear what that something else has happened. The Socialist Workers’ Party have concentrated their vote on their own members, and withdrawn some of their vote from Sue and others standing on the UCULeft slate, such as Marion Hersh and Jeff Fowler. The SWP may try to spin this as a miscalculation, but people will see through such claims. The SWP itself is continuing to distance itself from calls for an academic boycott and is sticking the knife into non-SWP members of UCULeft.”

Next to nobody on the web is talking about this except Engage and their readers. Strange tumbleweed union. So! Join UCU, turn up to your meetings and shape it. Don’t think of activists as a bunch of robots who negotiate your pay and conditions – they are not that. They are elected representatives, and without an agenda from the membership, they will pursue or make up their own.

2 thoughts on “UCU election results

  1. Under 10% turnout ?

    is that an all time record for elections? Is there a historical graph of Nathfe/AUT election turnouts? Is this the worst?

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