Thought it would be polite to mention that I’m going to have a blogging hiatus for a while. There’s nothing I want to say that I can articulate, and that’s frustrating, and I feel it means it must be time to stop trying and read more instead. See you on your blogs and if I comment, you’ll see me too.

Update: or (given that I already have a dozen things I want to record) maybe this blog will become a filter blog for a bit. Links. Mainly because I want more people than I can be bothered to email to see this 1935 colour film of the Thames, via Kellie. Mick Hartley links to more early C20th film studies of London. The British Film Institute has still more on its YouTube channel, upon one of which a commenters has submitted:

“a wonderful film from back when we had an Empire and it was shown in pink in all the atlas’s , those bits that weren’t pink …… i damn well coloured in myself.
Wonderfully nostalgic …. thanks for posting.”