If I lived in Iran, I’d be a revolutionary socialist

All but a few of the revolutionary socialists in this country are whacked but (though I know this is easy to say) if I lived in Iran, I’d almost certainly be one. During this Iranian election we’ve mostly heard about a contest between two conservatives – Mousavi and Ahmadinejad. Here is the Worker Communist Party of Iran:

“People of the world!

We are your neighbours, friends, lovers, colleagues, and comrades.

You know us.

We have lived together and fought together – whether for labour rights,
against Sharia, for civil rights, asylum rights, against executions and
stonings, against cultural relativism, against faith schools and apostasy
laws, for freedom of expression, rationalism and secularism, against
political Islam and US militarism.

Today, our revolution – the one we have been preparing and waiting for – has
begun in Iran.

We need you to support it full force.

The battle you see unfolding on the streets of Iran is not about the farce
of an election, though that is what the western media wants you to think.
Everyone knows that elections in Iran are anything but. In fact, people are
taking advantage of the intensified infighting between the regime’s factions
to raise their own demands and they – like the rest of us – want the Islamic
regime to go.

And it has to go.

Thirty years of medievalism and brutality is enough.

If nothing else, one thing is clear.

The mass movement that is going to bring this regime in Iran to its knees
and break the back of the political Islamic movement internationally has

Your support and solidarity will strengthen this revolutionary movement.
Come out and condemn the regime and its brutality; exert pressure on western
governments to politically isolate the regime. Join us in front of the
Islamic regime’s embassies across the globe to call for them to be shut
down. Call for the prosecution of all those involved in the killings, for
the immediate release of all detainees and political prisoners,
unconditional freedoms, including for organisation, strike and protest, an
end to compulsory veiling, a living wage and an end to sexual apartheid.
Send your messages to the protesting people of Iran to be read on our 24
hour New Channel TV station. Support us and our party, the Worker-Communist Party of Iran.

Mark our words; like racial apartheid in the former South Africa, a regime
of sexual apartheid can and will be relegated to the dustbins of history.

The future is ours.

Maryam Namazie
Mina Ahadi
Fariborz Pooya
Bahram Soroush
Mahin Alipour
Afsaneh Vahdat
Abe Asadi
Farshad Husseini
Farideh Arman
Karim Shahmohammadi
Fereshteh Moradi

For regular updates on people’s protests in Iran, click here:

3 thoughts on “If I lived in Iran, I’d be a revolutionary socialist

  1. I’ve been reading through your Iran posts today. I really appreciate the thoughtful, compassionate way you’ve written about the situation. I haven’t mentioned it on my blog so far, because I feel far to ill-informed to touch it – thanks for cracking through my ignorance.

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