For Iran – on Wednesday 24th June wear black to commemorate and green for hope

In Iran things are the opposite of subsiding. We learn that the election was rigged, with more than 100% turnout in many regions. This assessment is based on the Iranian government’s own data. They are a living insult to their people, and they are not even attempting to hide this:

  • In two conservative provinces, Mazandaran and Yazd, a turnout of
    more than 100% was recorded.
  • If Ahmadinejad’s victory was primarily caused by the increase in voter
    turnout, one would expect the data to show that the provinces where
    there was the greatest ‘swing’ in support towards Ahmadinejad would
    also be the provinces with the greatest increase in voter turnout. This
    is not the case.
  • In a third of all provinces, the official results would require that
    Ahmadinejad took not only all former conservative voters, all former
    centrist voters, and all new voters, but also up to 44% of former
    reformist voters, despite a decade of conflict between these two
  • In 2005, as in 2001 and 1997, conservative candidates, and
    Ahmadinejad in particular, were markedly unpopular in rural areas.
    That the countryside always votes conservative is a myth. The claim
    that this year Ahmadinejad swept the board in more rural provinces
    flies in the face of these trends.

For those far away from Iran, there is Green Wave Global day Wednesday 24th June – wear black to commemorate and green for hope. That’s all you have to do – but it would help to take a picture, post wherever you post these things, and tag it intelligently. It seems small, even pathetic, but it will be a comfort to Iranian democratic reformists whose governments will try to criminalise them and make them feel alone.

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