Ich bin ein Iranian

I didn’t realise it until now but I care about Iran like a patriot. I think I must have fallen for the many Iranian ex-pats around me at a London university in my early ’20s. Being British and an occasional advocate for Israel I might, though, be more of an embarrassment than an ornament to the Iranian reformist cause of Iranian freedom, and perhaps should bear in mind that discretion is the better part of valour.

Is the opposition leader Mousavi under house arrest again? It’s hard to know, but Ayatollah Montazeri, who opposes Khameini, has been for over ten years. Some opposition leaders have withdrawn complaints about conduct during the election, saying that the security situation is more important. What sort of democracy is this?

This seems like a comprehensive list of students and academics killed or detained by Iranian government forces since the election.

Here is Norm – the Iranian footballers who wore green have been retired. I wore black and green today but nobody else did – what I really need is a badge.

Shappi – her exiled dissident father is silent.

Nokia – connecting people.


Two from Martin in the Margins on the massacre that day.

On One Hot Minute, strewn with exuberant ads of happy men sucking each other off and enjoying rodeo sex, is a determined open letter from the Network of Homosexual Students of Iran, including abruptly contrasting pictures of men who have been whipped and hanged. I thought I would draw your attention to it, considering Ahmedinejad denied the “phenomenon” of gayness in Iran. Wishful thinking.

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