“Young people are not praying any more”

The twittering hasn’t stopped; #IranElection is still trending.

From it I learn that Haddi Ghaffari, a conservative Iranian cleric and founder of Hesbollah, has made an openly critical address to Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei over his conduct during the elections, including:

“Khamenei, your recent actions and behavior has brought shame to us clerics. Our image in the streets and bazaars has been tarnished as everyone is placing us in the same category as Ahmadinejad.”

“Khamenei, you are wrong, your actions are wrong. I believe in the velayat e fagih more than you.”

“I’m not preaching these messages so that I could be associated with the West. I loathe the West and will fight to the last drop of my blood before I or my land succumbs to the West. On the contrary, I’m preaching these messages on the count that the respect for our profession is gone.”

“Young people are not praying anymore, whose fault is that? It is your fault Mr. Khamenei, it’s your fault for placing us in the same line as that lunatic Ahmadinejad.”

“Ahmadinejad is nobody, you should congregate with us instead of him.”

Talk about a rock and a hard place.

See too Iran News Now where @iran_translator is carefully selecting and summarising tweets into daily digests of happenings on the streets and institutions of Iran, including:

“9. Ahmadinejad declared that an attempt at a ’soft overthrow’ of the regime had failed. This comes after a partial recount of 10% of the vote by the Guardian Council which resulted in slightly more votes of Ahmadinejad!!! Mohammad Yazdi, a cleric and member of the Guardian Council, announced today that he could personally testify as to the impartiality of the election. He added that Mousavi will be barred from taking part in any future elections.

10. Tehran’s notorious Evin prison is reportedly packed to capacity now and security forces are housing the detained in football stadiums. So many people are put in Tehran’s prisons that prisoners only have standing space. Reports say guards are preventing prisoners from sleeping by keeping them standing all night. Amnesty International today warned that the opposition leaders arrested in Iran were at risk of being tortured.”

What are the emerging demands of the reformists? See Inside Story from Al Jazeera (23 minute presentation and panel debate from 10 days ago which I haven’t yet watched).


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