The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Young Brits at Art competition 2009

The competition was held by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

“Young Brits at Art 2009 is a competition in which 11–19-year-olds are invited to create pictures that express their thoughts and feelings about living in Britain today. The competition encourages young people from all walks of life across England, Scotland and Wales to submit their art work to tell their own unique story: who they are, what they think, their hopes and fears, aims and ambitions”.

A bit more.

The 100 shortlisted entries are on Flickr, including the artists’ commentary.

The first ones I wanted to click on were all exploring national identity.

Then I was seriously excited by this one, not least because I always try to work out the colour of the London sky at night and Michael Kashora has it exactly: sulphur. This made me wonder if his gaze is fresh from other drier, darker skies.

In the shortlist there is a lot of care, a lot of worry, not much taking for granted.

There are feelings of being apart, sequestred.

Almost no exuberance or peace and only a little music.


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