“The ‘cockney expectation’ of eating with a spoon” and other stories

Over in Wanstead they have discovered pie and mash.

Via Weggis, a New Scientist piece on kettling – why crowds are best left to their own devices.

With Vestas in mind, a great account, by John Cunningham, of the conference between the NUM and environmentalists at Kingsnorth Climate camp last year with a view to making a go of things together – class, coal and climate change, which I came to via the RSA’s Arts and Ecology blog.

And cognisant both of the acute impact of 650 newly unemployed on a small island and the need to meet local energy needs (rather than the US market it has exclusively supplied until now) in sustainable ways – is it actually even the best option, environmentally speaking, to site a factory supplying British needs on the Isle of Wight? Surely you have to know that before you can decide.

George Monbiot and Ed Miliband (both of whom I like) lament (in something I can’t now find) that the silent majority who understand the importance of renewable energy had not been enlisted in support of wind turbines. Short and medium-term pessimism on planning law. More from Renewable Energy Focus.

The Bigger Picture is a festival of creative activities on interdependence designed in response to the economic, environmental, social and resource crises. It’s curated by the New Economics Foundation (nef), who (I’ve heard Andrew Simms) are really shining a light. The titles of their publications promise to propose specific actions to stave off a worsening of current crises.

Despite hopes of improvement with the Government currently working on new planning laws, there is pessimism in the short and medium term. In order to open new plants a turbine manufacturer needs to be confident that they could win around 1GW of orders each year for that plant, reckons the BWEA.

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