The next door kids know I’m terribly interested in their juvenile rabbits and brought them round. After investigating the locale and eating a meal of cabbage and some rose leaves, they had a little rest together and seemed to enjoy being stroked on their noses from the tip to their neck and, gently, under their eyes from whiskers to ears. Most rabbits seem to like their heads touched like this – at least, they stay for more without restraint.



Yes, he has a little orange lead. If it weren’t for cats, they’d be able to have the run of the garden.


6 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Oh dear! Norton didn’t like that site at all – it apparently had a Trojan on it. But I did get a glimpse – all pink and girlie fashion gossip, not what I’d expect you to be reading.

  2. I’m quite catholic in my reading! Sorry about the trojan. You can pretty much get the gist from the slug in the link. The homeless bloke shrewdly threatened to eat the rabbit, and managed to convert it into some cash. This is the lottery of an animal’s life in the hands of humans.

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