Going to Green Man

This Green Man.

It will rain but I can’t get wet because I have a rubberised German army poncho you can bivouac under and a small beach chair to elevate me out of the mud. Matt has exactly the same but he doesn’t look stupid. Also I dug out one of Matt’s old hospital specimen cans and a funnel for avoiding nocturnal queuing. Wellies and a blanket complete this tramp-like picture.

Particularly looking forward to Wilco, one of the world’s better bands. I’ve never seen them but I know I’m going to remember it for the rest of my life. Mind you, they’ll probably split up shortly afterwards – tends to happen to me.

Update: I was really deeply warmed by Wilco’s profoundly romantic, sometimes tragic, often humourous pieces, irritated by Gang Gang Dance, bored by Animal Collective (formless in tempo and melody), loved Grizzly Bear and my local drop-outs Swanton Bombs (who misfit the Green Man Pub stage, a mild and gentle place), thought Rozi Plains was amazing, ditto the rest of the Fence collective (I love the idea of being able to write a song and have it performed without leaving my house) and it hardly rained at all. Didn’t Twitter but there’s a lot to see there including this set of photos from Mark Turner which gives you a real sense of the beautiful setting, and a review from What’s On Wales.


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