Left Foot Forward

I’d begun to feel like a fuddy duddy rationalist banging on all the time about facts and their lack in mainstream news reporting; like some kind of Martian digging my heels in and refusing to support Vestas until I knew what were good questions to ask about whether it was viable – even sustainable.

Pure rationalism is, of course, a mental illness. Pure lack of it is, too.

I’ve also begun to ask myself questions about why I’m so interested in Lubna Hussein when I don’t even understand the democratic processes of my own country. There are things I want to defend here, like the BBC, women’s rights to control their fertility, animals rights not to be eaten by people who aren’t hungry.

So I am so relieved and pleased to see Left Foot Forward, an evidence-based blog for progressives. Hopefully they will restore to us the facts – the foundations and keystones of any argument – that the mainstream media have largely discarded in favour of opinion.

Going on my blogroll.


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