Pavement curating All Tomorrows Parties

I saw Pavement in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in ’96 and I saw them in Brixton Academy days before they split in ’99. Although I find them glib, lacking in warmth, and although I can’t come to terms with their videos, the best way I can put it is that the tempo deep inside of them in the same as the one I have deep in side of me. The lyrics are psychedelic fragments not worth the bother of looking or learning, but they are unreasonably, unfeasibly and acutely mood-inducing. These art rockers are wizards. I can’t be bothered to psychologise but I won’t spare you a pun: acquaintances know that I am after all a confirmed pedestrian.

This is why I’m going to Butlins in Minehead to witness their revival at All Tomorrow’s Parties. Like everybody else – and it’s almost sold out – I decided to go before I even knew the lineup. When I’m there, I’ll wish I was home. Once I’m back home, I’ll think back on it as one of life’s high points.

Gold soundz.

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