How is this national news?

Tell of this on a BBC Radio 4 10 a.m. news bulletin was weird. I couldn’t for the life of me work out why reporting it was felt to be of national importance.

The nastiness of the case in question aside (and indeed, the BBC didn’t really go into that) how did it happen that this community gnat fight made national news?


  • The news (for racist thickos) is the earth-shattering fact that some Jews wish to challenge the financial sector, while other Jews have a significant vested interest in the financial sector.
  • The news is that Jewish capitalism has so corrupted the Jewish faith that they’ll even get the knives out for their own if they stand in their way
  • The news is simply that Jews fight. The BBC is titillated by internecine squabble in the organised Jewish community. But then again they didn’t really report it. So, alternatively, the BBC simply considers it news that Jews do not share a common purpose.

So, the BBC is reporting something unworthy of report. And in doing this strange thing in such a stilted way, it opens the story up to interpretations which are racist or are based on racist views (if you can tell the difference). You can’t afford to do that these days.


5 thoughts on “How is this national news?

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  2. No, not really, the Beeb expressively avoids other groups fighting in such a pointed way, but I think it is a wider issue, the overall contempt that the British intelligentsia has for Jews.

    It seems to me to manifest itself in the above story and in a bland indifference to the fate of Jews (getting attacked, killed, etc).

    Ever see the two Oxford dons in Chariots of Fire? Remember their remarks? Not sure much has improved since then, it is just hidden better.

  3. I also thought it was very odd that this was on the national news bulletin when I heard it. My local parish church once had a big to do over how best to maintain the undercroft, and that didn’t even make the BBC London bulletin, but really this isn’t any more significant than that. I don’t think the BBC actually gave any attention, and certainly not this sort of front page attention to the actual London Citizens anti-usury march that sparked this off, which was far more newsworthy.

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