Defend Peter Tatchell

Because he doesn’t stoop to exploit this country’s appalling defamation law, it falls to us to defend Peter Tatchell, Green Party speaker on Human Rights, from the smears of his ‘political’ (in the loosest, most dissolute sense of the word) opponents.

To quote a very ruffled David T, “A Left on which Peter is done over is a Left seriously fucked up”.

Read the whole piece.


2 thoughts on “Defend Peter Tatchell

  1. They are not THE left.

    They are the equivalent of Clive James, Richard Littlejohn, Jeremy Clarkson and Melanie Phillips.

    They have a living to earn, a PhD to gain, an academic reputation to build and they will take the path of least resistance, greatest reward in order to satisfy their own self-inflated egos.

  2. Was reading a piece on this at SU blog, and whilst I might expect some dodgy academics to take a swipe at Peter it is really, really, a pity that some socialists are doing the same, not all, a minority but they seem to have been given a line on Peter and are parroting it for dear life. Terrible.

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