Shlomo Sand’s gift to the far right

I wrote about how disgusted I was with Shlomo Sand in a previous post – here is one of Modernity’s thorough round-ups.

What a wasted academic life. It will fall to somebody else to discredit the claims of the religious settler movement (although it would help if they were equally interested in that other bunch of people who reckon they have a religious claim to the land).


3 thoughts on “Shlomo Sand’s gift to the far right

  1. Frankly, I don’t understand the brouhaha related to this character. He is less qualified to research the subject than Al Gore to delve into the GW.

    Oops, poor and self-defeating example. But you see what I mean…

  2. Shlomo Sand was hosted twice at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) by external parties. Not once was any member of the SOAS Jewish Studies Department contacted or invited to respond, nor anyone from the UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department, which is less than 200 meters away!

    Catherine Hezser, head of SOAS Jewish Studies, told me that she had had no idea Sand was on campus.

    The only academics invited to “critique” Sand were Avi Shlaim, professor in international relations, St Antony’s, Oxford and, surreally, Jaqueline Rose, professor in English literature, Queen Mary’s

    Andrew Sackur observes that Sand’s speciality is modern French history:

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