New Year – Tywyn, Wales

A bunch of us, and latterly our children, have been booking holiday cottages together for new year for a decade now. This year was probably the most scenic so far, in a former farm up on the hills to the north-east of Bryncrug. After a wet and unbelievably windy start to the week, the weather turned very cold and clear, then snowy, then clear again, transforming our valley in a matter of hours.

Matt and I finally made it to the top of Cadair Idris, our third attempt, this time in fairly deep snow and sheet ice near the summit.

On our way up:

The summit, trig point just visible through the fog and snow:

On our way down:

A few days later we walked to Dolgoch Falls:

Met a snowstorm on the top of Mynydd Tan-y-Coed:

which was thankfully local and short-lived, giving us beautiful views seaward to the west :

although finding our way down wasn’t so easy:

3 thoughts on “New Year – Tywyn, Wales

    • It was the kind of weather where if you stop, you die. Well, we did have some space blankets, a bothy bag and a stove, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I know you have kiddies, but do you ever walk in the Catskills?

  1. Yes, my wife and our dog took a trip up to the Catskills in the fall when we first moved to NY to see the leaves changing colors. It was quite beautiful. I didn’t take this pic but it will give you an idea:

    Kiddies? Only one right now. Hopefully another on the way in the next year or so!

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