Barkingside is a place for all seasons. Here’s what’s going on in Claybury Park today. When you think of Essex you don’t think of hills  but this one (Hospital Hill, I think it’s called but B21 may correct me) gives views across the West End, City, Docklands and even to the Dartford Crossing. Oh, and you can also see all the slummy bits of board and plastic discarded by badly-reared children.

Despite the bloodcurdling screeches and near-collision with me at the end, nobody was hurt in the making of this video.

To my sorrow, I have never tobogganed – or even bumboarded.

5 thoughts on “Barkingslide

  1. That looks like Pancake Hill, or if you are a local historian, Draper’s Hill named after the Dairy that was in Roding Lane North, or Woodford Bridge Road as it was. Hospital Hill Woods can be seen to the left in the photo here.

    That name has nothing to do with the Hospital that was next door before it was redeveloped into housing. The name comes from the Hospital Chapel in Ilford Hill who owned the land way back when.

    • Ah thanks. Pancake Hill – seems like a bit of an oxymoron. Basically, you know where the viewpoint is signposted – it’s the way down from there – brings you out on a residential street and then you can turn left and left again onto Fullwell Ave.

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