Anglican vicar uses police to intimidate blogger

Stephen Sizer, a blogging Reverend who espouses anti-Judaic theology, who associates with Holocaust deniers and antisemites, and consequently who I’m not going to link to, managed to persuade the police to pay a visit to one of his blogging political opponents, Seismic Shock, as he relates on Engage.

The Sarge made it clear that it was an “informal chat” but the Reverend has suggested otherwise:

Dear Vee,

You must take a little more care who you brand as anti-semitic otherwise you too will be receiving a caution from the police as the young former student of Leeds did recently. One more reference to me and you will be reported.


With blessings like these who needs cusses?

To echo the incongruous but rousing cry of another opponent of free speech, Michael Cushman: “We will not be intimidated!”

Read Alec on Stephen Sizer’s recommendations for preaching about blogging. They don’t reflect well on the author. Read also Modernity on why it is important to respond in this way to intimidatory attempts at censorship. Rosie probes around the policing.

2 thoughts on “Anglican vicar uses police to intimidate blogger

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