A question about affordable housing

How would you respond if you were part of a conversation where somebody told somebody else “Immigrants are the reason you’re still on the waiting list for a home”? What arguments and evidence would you use to show that this is wrong?


3 thoughts on “A question about affordable housing

  1. You’d need the names of all the people on the housing list (if there is something as simple as a “housing list” with a top and bottom) and the details of the process by which housing is allocated, and the case files for every on on the list. It’s probably very hard to do while keeping people’s identities safe.
    Because of the absence of evidence like that, people can make up whatever they want.

  2. I’d make the case that housebuilding and the lack of it is a problem that causes overextended housing lists.

    I would then point out how the right to buy reduced the overall stock of good houses.

    Next I’d make the point that councils are not encourage to renovate and rebuild council houses on a large-scale, which is the only real solution plus the fact it would generate plenty of jobs.

    Finally, I’d say that councils should compulsory purchase modern blocks of newly build private flats to relieve housing lists.

  3. Thanks both. Knowing the rules would count for a lot, Mr P. Pointing out the choices councils have made, along with local people objecting to planning permission, seems like a very good idea Mod.

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