Exemplary Green Party foreign policy

Rollo Miles is displaying international relations acumen characteristic of the rest of his party.

“People refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization, but let’s remember they were duly elected by the people of Gaza and therefore one could argue that they are a legitimate government.”

But the Nazi party was elected legitimately – it doesn’t mean they should have been left alone to do their revolting business.

“Israel was allowed to be created because the world felt a collective shame and guilt for what had happened to the Jews during the Second World War.”

If the world had felt a collective shame and guilt, surely it would have thrown open its borders to 250,000 or so refugees in DP camps for the years between the end of the war and the establishment of Israel. Most Jews would have preferred the US to Israel any day. My granny, for example, left Palestine for England when the opportunity arose and lived out her life here. Existing in Israel was extremely hard at the beginning, and still is hard. But the rest of the world didn’t open its borders to those stateless Jews, did it? And, if you can possibly believe it, many Jews who had survived forced labour camps, extermination camps, concentration camps, and death marches, and watched their friends and families die along the way, did not want to go home. If Rollo believes that Jews should take a lesson from this, I wonder what that lesson might be.

Warsaw Ghetto:

“Does this account remind you of what is happening in Gaza today, Israel you must remember your past and stop history from repeating itself?”

Hamas’ has genocidal tendencies. What about that bit of Jewish history?

The Greens cannot find enough good candidates to run, can they. I contributed to the deposits of people like him and I am frankly ashamed.

Palestinians need better advocates than this facile loser who believes that Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto were instructive experiences in humanitarianism, or that you could learn there how to deal gently with genocidal movements.

Update: my recommendation would be to make him ‘former’, like the Lib Dems did to Jenny Tonge. Sadly, Jenny Tonge has not been expelled from the Liberal Democrats, and if she were she might well find a welcome in the Green Party, if she made an overture. Grim.


4 thoughts on “Exemplary Green Party foreign policy

  1. embarassing indeed.

    Raphael, member of the GP and ashamed (but then as a Lib Dem, I would be ashamed of Tonge, and as a member of Labour, I would be ashamed of Linton – sad).

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