BNP candidate Bob Bailey kicks and hits Asian man until he bleeds

Even though the entire BNP project is an ideological assault on humanity, nobody has any business getting physical with the BNP (including missiles and gobbing) unless the BNP attacks them first. This has to be a war of words and non-violent opposition. If you can’t manage that then you can fuck off – you’re a liability the rest of us, particularly Hope Not Hate.

But for the love of god, somebody prosecute BNP candidate Bob Bailey. He is dangerous.

BBC News has a piece that tells us (in case we were in any doubt) that Nick Griffin doesn’t give a shit.

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate says:

“The man shouldn’t have spat on Bailey. But it’s clear this moment unleashed the streak of violence that underpins the BNP’s entire political agenda.

Just look at the pleasure Bailey took at attacking this lad – and continuing to pummel him as he lay on the ground, defenceless and bloodied.

Bailey and his thugs could be running Barking & Dagenham by this weekend.”

My borough-next-door.

Lancaster UAF on Bailey, concluding “unstable, abusive, foul-mouthed, a liar and stupid”.

Update: ‘Vote No To The BNP‘ – keeping up with the BNP.

Update 2: clearly the question “Who started it?” is far less important than asking “Is the BNP really expecting me to put up with violence on the street from an existing Councillor who wants to become an MP?” Sack him now.

Update 3: The Daily Mail (which has stills) and the Barking and Dagenham Post are unbelievably soft on Bailey. They seem unperturbed that an elected extreme right wing representative to refers to Asian men going about their business as “robbers” and kicks the shit out of a young man, with the enthusiasm you might expect an avid racist to exhibit when his victim had dark skin. With a press and elected representatives like these, no wonder Barking and Dagenham is where it is.

The Mirror reports that nobody is pursuing allegations, but there’s news to the contrary. Somebody needs to explain to those young men that they would be doing an immense service to their local community and to the country in general if they would take it further. Bailey has got to go. He is a social menace.

On the blogs, Mod, Norfolk Unity, John Understood, East of Dulwich has a great post.  I’ve been reading some blogs with names like Islamic Awakening and Pakistan Defence. Don’t spit on the BNP – get your arses down to the polling station and vote, says Araz:

“I am sorry to hear your remarks.These are not the remarks of a wise man. Stop being emotional and think this one out. BNP has a vote base because of deteriorating economic conditions in UK. Most of their supporters are ones who have lived their lives on DOLE and now think that immigrants are the root of all the ills facing Britain. However, for the most part British society and its people are peace loving and VERY TOLERANT, and they should be commended for that. By responding violently to these hate mongers you are playing into their hands by giving an impression that the BNP is important enough for you to care and be afraid of.
The place to defeat them is by ballot and on the debating floor. You have to firstly conduct your self in a manner to gain respect. Secondly, their arguments need to be countered by words rather than by physical actions. Mostly by ignoring them, you are denying them the publicity that they crave.
But by stupid actions like fighting with them, you indirectly prove them right.

On the BNP more generally Rumbold on Pickled Politics and Hope Not Hate on Harry’s Pace.

Update 4 – Bob Bailey lost the 2010 election in Romford but that 2.5% increase in share is a worry. BNP in Barking and Dagenham: losers in every seat they contested, including the 12 they already had.

51 thoughts on “BNP candidate Bob Bailey kicks and hits Asian man until he bleeds

  1. Prosecute Bob Bailey???? u are insane. Listen up… if someone spits on you.. that’s not the time to rely on bleeding heart PC multicultural Labor appointed magistrates who will just give the moron a slap on the wrist.. it is time for ACTION and Bob did the right thing..smack the little bastard down in no uncertain terms. Those 3 asians began harrassing Bailey and team..they came nose to nose with him and he was fending them off from his comfort zone of personal space then..that piece of scum SPAT on him…. he deserve not just what he got, but a whole lot more.

  2. OH..and you can be sure of one thing.. given the very biased and prejudiced way you described the incident…I’ll be USING that video very selectively also to put the BNP in the best light possible. I’ll be emphasising the SPITTING.

  3. So hang on, if someone spits at you, then according to the BNP you should punch him and kick him in the head?

    That’s what David, the BNP supporter, is saying… Hmm…

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  5. I don’t care if you are Black White or Asian, if you don’t agree with what someone is saying or doing it doesn’t give you the right to SPIT at someone….. can anyone on here be truthful and say that if someone spat in your face you wouldn’t do the same ?

    • What, you’d beat somebody up if they spat at you? That’s bad enough coming from somebody who isn’t seeking a position of power – let alone Bob Bailey, who is. Sack him.

  6. he didnt say “how many of you are robbers” he said clearly “how many is there of us” he would only say that if they were causing trouble and asking for a fight

    the asians started it,

  7. I’m Asian. I think the boys who did this were asking for trouble by their silly behaviour and should have expected trouble. If they are spitting at people as grown men, I can’t imagine what sort of poor upbringing they must have. The problems we have in society stems from poorly disciplined kids like these, who should be taught a lesson at home and not in front of the media.

    • There’s something wrong with blaming the hooligans more than the parliamentary candidate, thug in a suit, who laid into them, Mel. You’re letting the BNP off the hook. And what has “I’m Asian” got to do with this?

  8. Bob Bailey is a disgusting miscreant and is the epitome of the revolting BNP. I do not condone what the young Asian did, and his spitting is unacceptable. However the way Bob Bailey and his moronic crew reacted demonstrated what the BNP is all about. They are the most evil-looking gang of reprobate thugs we have seen since the rise of the Nazis in 1930’s Germany. Thank God they got the result they deserved in last nights poll in Barking!

  9. The important point here gentlemen is simply: Britain is Mr. Bailey’s country. Every blade of grass, every grain of dirt, every molecule of air, every tree. every leaf, every Thing!!!! His people are the indigenous people of Britain and have the inherent right to claim anything in Britain as their own, to the justifiable exclusion of any people in Britain who are not of the indigenous stock of the British people. That’s all there is to it.

    The fellows doing the harrassment of Mr. Bailey and his associates must have their properties confiscated and deported immediately from Britain without further question. It is an inherent right of the British people to have anyone of non-indigenous stock deported from their ancestral homeland if they feel that they have been treated in an ill-manner by such interlopers.

    • Bailey chased a young man down the street, floored him and kicked and punched him in the head, while he was defenceless on the floor, until he bled.

      In this glorious country we have a rule of law under which we are all equal – whether man or woman, from Yorkshire or Lancashire, light skinned or dark skinned. So BNP supporters don’t get to discriminate between criminals based on the colour of their skin, their name or their accent. As for inherent rights of an indigenous Brit, there aren’t any of those written in stone – anymore than such notional rights are written in stone for the indigenous Spaniard who sees the arrival of hundreds of thousands of native Brits who won’t learn the language or participate in local life. That’s why we have a legislature in this country. So you’d have to campaign through democratic channels to have your law ratified. You’d have a job, because it’s clearly based on exceptionalism, which in your case is based in zenophobia, to the extent that you would let a criminal go free and throw out the man he beat up, if that man had dark skin.

      And I’m not a gentlemen.

      • As for there not being an inherent right of the indigenous Britain people being written in stone Fleshisgrass that is also irrelevant. The right is inherent to the indigenous White people of Britain, and thus, does not need to be written in stone, on paper, or on harddrives. It is literally written on the genetic code of the indigenous people of Britain.

        The function of a government–certainly the British government–is to only recognize and protect this inherent right–and its derivative rights–in the indigenous British people. That is the only true and legal function of the British government–or any government for that matter. The British government, as have many western governments since the beginning of the twentieth century, has undertaken to purposely undermine the indigenous people of its country and has undertaken a documented policy of massive immigration with the intent of blending the indigenous people of Britain out of existence. That is genocide; they are guilty of genocide, and they know this.

        So, the original position still stands: Whatever an indigenous person does is beyond any kind of moral assessment because they are–as are all White people–victims of the biggest attempted genocide in the history of human existence. What you have to realize is that the indigenous people of Britain are under serious attack here; they are the object of a genuine attempt to at least blend them out of existence if not eventually kill them as is happening in South Africa.

        Now, I’m not saying that the immigrants are the actual perpetrators of this genocide; the perpetrators are the Anglo-Elites who may look like us but have to loyalty to us, and are in malicious towards the interests of our people. It would be very stupid for White people to start fighting with the immigrants because that would only allow the government to militarily impinge upon the poor White people. Our fight is with the Anglo-Elites who have lead foreign peoples into our countries do displace and dispossess us.

  10. Moreover gentlemen, the concept of hate as a negative moral category does not apply to indigenous people protecting their own inherent rights in regard to their ancestral homelands. This Mr. Bailey is clearly engaged in the fundamental duty of securing his and his people’s inherent ancestral rights in Britain, against the unjustified opposition of the non-indigenous interloping populations that have been lead into his country by the anti-White Anglo-Elites to dispossess and displace the indigenous White population.

    Thus, you cannot with any credibility accuse these BNP people or their followers of anything like ‘hate,’ ‘racism,’ ‘biggotry,’ or ‘discrimination.’ These do not apply to people protecting their own ancestral homelands. It would be like accusing East Indians of racism and hate because they didn’t want to have millions of non-Indians forced on their indigenous populations by a powerful political elite bent on blending them out of existence.

    Absolutely no negative moral assessment of an indigenous person is justified especially by an interloper simply because the indigenous person individually and collectively with his indigenous bretheren has the inherent right to everything in their ancestral homeland.

  11. David – what a load of absolute bollocks! The BNP are neo-nazi, fascist scumbags, and, if you’re not aware, there is no such thing as ‘pure race’. Whether you like it or not, at some point your ancestors (and Bob Bailey’s) were immigrants to this country. But that’s something you’d rather not think about, right? In my opinion, spitting was a rather tame response.

    Oh, and I love how you assume everybody here is male.

      • Now, this is also irrelevant Flesh. Nobody says that because the East Indians are a mixture of races we should destroy their borders and lead in tens of millions of non-Indians to blend their current mixutre out of existence; Nobody is saying that because the Middle Eastern people are a mixture of races we should destroy their borders and lead tens of millions of non-Middle Easterners to blend their current racial mixtures out of existence; you are only saying this about White people and our countries. It is genocide pure and simple and these statements about White people being multiracial is nothing more than a commone psychological demoralization technique to make White people feel uneasy about asserting their own racial interests.

    • But again your arguments misses the point: you and the UN aren’t saying that the Maori are nothing but a bunch of immigrants and thus non-indigenous; you and the UN aren’t saying that the Chinese are nothing but a bunch of immigrants and thus non-indigenous in their own country; you and the UN aren’t saying that the Koreans and Japanese are nothing but a bunch of immigrants and thus non-indigenous to their respective countries; You are only saying that to White people in their own lands because you want them to be displaced, dispossessed, and blended out of existence in their own ancerstral homelands.

      Saying that we are immigrants in our own ancestral homelands is nothing more than a tired and overused demoralization technique directed at White people to make them feel less psycholgically inclined to justifiably view the invasion of their lands as a horrendous wrong being committed against them by the Anglo-Elite traitors and their accomplices.

      As for their being nothing like a pure race, irrellevant. We have our race as it is now, and we will keep it that way because that is what we want. We don’t have to justify the existence or the continuance of our race of people.

      The mere fact that you have to employ so many tactics to try and convince the indigenous people of Britain to forego open and vocal protest of the invasion of their ancestral homelands is clear proof that you realize that something quite unjust is being perpetrated upon them and their children. There will eventually be genocide tribunals, and those who have participated and publicly advocated the genocide of the indigenous people of Britain will have to answer for these crimes.

      • Oh for fuck’s sake! You should really learn what ‘genocide’ means before using it in such a flippant way.

      • I always find it very odd that people who are tied up in knots about their ancestral homeland are so much less worried about pollution, permaculture, and campaigning for commons than they are about immigration.

  12. Please try and understand everyone, I am not trying to start an online fight and justify racial violence. I mean God knows White people here have been subjected to enough racial violence to last an eternity, so I wouldn’t want to see that mindset perpetuated on others. What I am trying to do here is to help you all understand that we are the objects of a real attempt to genocide. This has been thoroughly documented and attempted. But this New World Order organization has failed and that’s why they are so very reactive when they see White nationalist movement form; They understand that their failure to blend us out of existence now leaves them very vulnerable for extensive legal remedial actions by us. You see, you can’t just go around trying to genocide people. The UN’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide is very clear on this, and the people who tried to genocide White people understand this; they understand what is in store for them in the coming decades, and they will say and do anything to prevent these remedial measures from being implemented. They’re scared; who wouldn’t be. I mean you openly try and genocide a people and fail at it, and the people whom you tried to genocide know what you did. White people are scary when we are pushed to the wall and they understand this too. We will never let this go. For thousands of years we will return to this issue as a means to define and redefine our racial understanding and awareness of the eternal fact that we have always been and will always be humankind’s real victims.

  13. It is a waste of time arguing with BNP supporters, they lack a complete sense of history, rationality and a basic knowledge of Britain.

    This nonsense about “indigenous” people shouldn’t fool anyone?

    Whose indigenous? The Queen and her family ? Greek and German.

    The British language ? A mixture of French, Germananic, Latin and full of those lovely “foreign” words which the BNP hate? Like shampoo

    First Brits? probably Celts? second brits? Romans? then the Vikings? other invaders etc etc

    Even the commonly accepted expression for the Brits, Anglo-Saxon takes its name from two Germanic tribes, who were not indigenous.

    Favourite food in Britain? The Curry and Chinese…

    So all of this talk is just so much nonsense, from BNPers who don’t know basic British history.

  14. Hello Modernity, interesting post because it is nothing more than a repeat of the tired old canard that because there might be some admixture within the British racial makeup that they therefore for some insane reason are not allowed to consider the rightful occupiers and indigenous people of Britain.

    Let me ask you this: Do you believe that the North America Indians have the inherent right to call themselves the indigenous peoples of the North American continent? Do you believe that the Chinese should have the inherent right to call themselves the indigenous peoples of the land mass China. Do you believe that the Saudis should have the inherent right to call themselves the indigenous peoples of Saudi Arabia? Please try to keep in mind that these very racial groups are in fact admixtures of various races.

    Whenever you are demanding that Britain have its borders destroyed so that millions of non-British people may inhabit Britain you are clearly publicly advocating and act of genocide against the British people. That my friend is against international law so please try and remember that the next time that you demand the British people be inundated with non-British immigrants.

  15. According to Genocide Watch–which has the poor South African Whites on their genocide watch–one of the most common psychological techniques preceeding an actual genocide of a people is to try and convince the victims that they are not strictly speaking a nation of people at all, and thus, should not feel alarmed or slighted in any way at the prospect of losing their governing status in their own living space or country. This according to Genocide Watch is a thorough form of dehumization of the victim to both themselves and the genociders.

    By telling the British people that they are not strictly speaking a true nation of people in the racial sense, you are essentially telling them that they don’t even exist, which again, is nothing more than a vicious form of dehumanization and thus, desensitization of the population in respect to their own decline and eventual genocide. Thus, every time that someone uses the argument that the British people are not a nation of people unto their own, they are in effect committing an act of genocide and an act of inciting to genocide.

    • Vicious form of dehumanisation? I love how the BNP tells us racist stories where *they* end up the victim. Genocide – for pity’s sake Dave. Genocide is a concerted, violent attempt to end the existence of a social group based on racist divisions. You are not subject to a genocide – you clearly have the internet and an education! I’ve just been with a bunch of cockneys this afternoon. They’ve moved to the country and were drinking prosecco and eating game casserole! Does that really sound like a genocide to you Dave? Come on – really? It’s just BNP propaganda, isn’t it, to channel poor people’s energies and unite them in a joint project of hatred. And your reference to genocide is the utter pits – if you could look a Jewish, Armenian, Bosnian or Tutsi survivor in the face and talk about a genocide of the British people then you have a serious problem with the way you see the world.

      And race is a racist term, used to assert differences – in interests, in rights – between person and person based on something spurious. A lawmaker would laugh at you, and I hope they always will. But let’s play your game – let’s say there is a British race, and that that British race constitutes a “we. Let’s see now. British people made an empire.”We” benefited from colonies. “We” are one of the most prosperous countries in the world. And yet here you are portraying “us” as victims. It’s ridiculous. To attempt to hang a set of rights off Britishness (which by the way in the sense you use it is a total fabrication) as if there were a British race which was downtrodden and needed protection from people like me – the genetically aberrant, who represent a threat – is absolutely preposterous, Dave. You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my blog yet – I’m thinking about it. You are insulting me and people I care about.

      Basically, our problem is which the way we divide our resources. Some of your “indigenous Brits” in Essex eat game pie and have enough friends from overseas, or who live overseas, to recognise that the BNP are totally wrong, while other of your “indigenous Brits” in Barking just scrape by and are looking for answers about why that is.

  16. Flesh, when you actually assert to the founding group of a country that they in effect do not exist as a distinct people, that is truly a form of vicious dehumanization. Nobody tells the Korean people that they don’t exist as a distinct people; nobody tells the North American Indians that they don’t exist as a distinct people; nobody tells the Ugandan people that they don’t exist as a distinct people. It is only in White countries that the indigenous Caucasian people are being told that they don’t really exist as a distinct people with their own genotype, and, are then having their borders broken down so that tens of millions of non-indigenous peoples can be lead into their ancestral homelands to dispossess and displace the indigenous peoples of those countries.

    Now, I didn’t really assert that the indigenous people of Britain need protection from you or your race of people Flesh, I asserted that the indigenous British people need protection from the Anglo-Elites who have engineered and perpetrated this well documented genocide of their own founding gene pool, that is, White people.

    Now, to assert the concept of race is indeed to assert racial differences, and there are very great differences between the differenct races. This have been scientifically verified over and over. It doesn’t require further elaboration here. But that aside Flesh, nobody is going to African countries and telling the Black people there that they shouldn’t be allowed to assert their own racial self interests. Nobody in the media is telling the Black South Africans that they should be genociding the White South Africans. No, it is only in White countries that the indigenous White people are being told that they cannot make any self interested racial assertions whatsoever, and to protect their countries from the massive immigration that has clearly been intended and engineered by these same Anglo-Elites and their accomplices. Again, it is a well documented systematic attempt to force blend out of existence the White genotype in White countries. And it is very important to remember here Flesh, a genocide does not have to be characterized by a massive concerted violent attack on a specific group of people. It can be much more subtle and seemingly non-violent. Again the engineers of the White genocide are on record as saying how exactly they intended to destroy the White genotype, and that method was to use their political power, monetary monopoly, and democracy to destroy the border integrity of White countries and lead into our countries hundreds of millions of non-White peoples to force blend out of existence the indigenous White peoples. It is still genocide, and it will be punished as genocide and that’s all there is to it.

    • If a majority group – the ones with the power, let’s say the Italian government, or their supporters – tells a weak and demoralised minority group like the Roma that there is no such thing as Roma, there are only Italians, then that is bad – delegitimising, dehumanising. We’ve seen this a lot even in recent history. Modern Iran is famous for it – Kurds, Turkmen, Circassians. The Soviet Union did it to Jews among others.

      If I try to tell an anglo-saxon Brit that they have no right to self-identify as they wish, then that’s also bad – dehumanising, delegitimising.

      But if I, or anybody else, tells a white supremacist or white purist – i.e. somebody with a discriminatory political project linking this spurious concept of whiteness with rights in their state – that whiteness doesn’t constitute a supreme or pure entity (which it doesn’t) then that’s good – a necessary public service.

      Remember Dave – we are all African by your own logic. Pale skin is a late development – the product of a sort of genetic bottleneck. Get over it. It’s the person inside who counts.

  17. Also, please try to use proper language in your posts. Someone here called a ‘dick,’ and I really don’t think that type of language or approach to racial discussions is conducive to a productive exchange of ideas. I’m sure that you all can muster slightly more articulate responses to my queries.

    Thank you

  18. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Dave, I don’t accept your analysis. For a start, I don’t accept there is such a thing as a “white country”. The US is a good example of why not. There were peoples there, then “whites” came along from Europe with superior technologies. The logic of your position is that if you manage to overrun a country and control it, then you bag it. I don’t accept this. Or would you concede then that the US is not after all “white”? And your native Brits were pale as anything but living a very squalid existence before those Mediterranean Romans got to us.

      But these days pale skin tends to correlate with various forms of advantage in this world which add up to wealth. Inequity in the world is a travesty. The growing body of literature on equity makes it clearer than ever that these are desirable world-wide, and that inequity actually makes us ill and curtails our lives. This is why wealthier countries should act both to improve the quality of life in the world’s poorer countries which will allow us, ultimately, to push back our claustrophobic borders as we have done in Europe (and remember, Europeans were the engine behind our boom years – we couldn’t have had those boom years without them) without the rest of the world wanting to try to move here. Let’s face it Dave – it’s not the climate that draws people, it’s a dignified existence – a job, freedom and the rule of law.

      So, your analysis is wrong. I think it’s so wrong that I’m quite scared of you.

      I consider yours a particularly dangerous type of racism, because it is cold and worked out. It’s the stock BNP line – manifestly false – of race-based victimhood – but it’s still hatred. I’m afraid I can only allow you to spread your racism on my blog for as long as I have time to counter your bad and dangerous reasoning. I’ve now run out of time, and you are clearly very dedicated and have plenty and will continue to pour verbiage into this comment thread without really engaging with anybody. This blog is not your platform pal. I won’t be accepting further posts from you – the rest of the web is yours (well, anywhere that will have you).

      • >I don’t accept there is such a thing as a “white country”.

        Oh wow… I can’t believe you just said that in public.

  19. Yeah, you need to remind these BNP thickos that we are nearly all descended from Alice…

    Oh and remember “Dave” that your name is ‘foreign’ too it comes from Hebrew….

    ha ha

    • Oh, so Dave’s a hypocrite as well as thick, what a marvellous combination for a neo-fascist.

      I suppose “Dave” spends his money on KKK paraphernalia or stomping around North America giving the Nazi salute!

      You couldn’t make it up

  20. Three street thugs approach a political candidate from two directions obviously intent on confrontation Bailey and the BNP tell them to back off saying look there are more of us than you here. Plain sense conversation meaning don’t start anything physical you won’t win. Then the “Asian” spits squarely in Bobs face. So he gets hit and stomped. Tell you what you leftie nancy boys you spit in my face and you will not be walking away, and I am not a BNP member. I hear all the whining about how the street thug got hurt, and then I know that their must be a test for common sense where lefties all fail. These are the rules kiddies, arguing is fine yelling is fine, cussing is uncivilized but not illegal. Hitting with a fist is starting a fist fight even if both participants agree to it is disorderly conduct and beyond the pale. But spitting in someone face is worse than anything and to do it deliberately is unforgiveable. Bottom line. People who spit on people, men who strike women and people who attack other people with sticks and darts and claw hammers deserve andreally need to get beaten until they are unconscious. The problems with the UAF is that YOU WHO DO NOT ENGAGE IN SUCH BEHAVIOR HAVE NO SCRUPLES ABOUT ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO DO SO. You are not an antifascist organization You all would be right at home in a medieval gang of bear baiters. After all, you reason, people with allegedly despicable political opinions are sub human and deserve what they get. That is what Hitler preached about Jews. They were sub human so they could be lied about and assaulted with impunity. Congratulations UAF. You proved Churchill right. You have become the new fascists. I hope that more of you, when you engage in your “righteous violence” against the people you call your enemies get it right back in the teeth and spend a few days in the hospital in a good deal of pain. Maybe that will teach you that violence is not such a fun thing after all.

  21. Yes Dave is right and while the USA is not a “white” country, and never was, the idea of preserving Human Cultural diversity can only be achieved by protecting cultural homelands the American “Indians” realized this almost too late. the Canadian Indians and the Intuit from both Canada and Alaska are deep into it. The British Isles are the Cultural homeland for the many British cultures, not only the main 4 cultures but the sub cultures as well. Just like France Germany Italy Austria Belgium the Netherlands Poland Sweden etc etc ae all homelands for their cultures. Just like all the distinct middle eastern African and Asian cultures. They each deserve a protected Homeland, or they, will die out. The Youth Pop culture is not a culture it is an immature immoral lifestyle that so many over aged babies can’t leave behind. 40 years ago no one could vote until they were twenty one and had presumably realized that life was not just one party after another. Leftists have no sense of culture and dream about a Utopia where everything is magically supplied to them and all the workers are toiling happily ( usually they envision themselves as leaders who do the writing and make the speeches to the adoration of these happy toiling masses.)
    Having been raised in a Blue collar family and having have worked all my life I will tell you I don’t like loafers and posturing lefties who claim to be working class but don’t know how to do any real physical work. Very few SWP types could hold down any blue collar skilled labour job for a week, most of them are incapable of performing any type of skilled labour at all Most working class people are family oriented conservative politically and In most countries they are the bulwark of the various denominations of the Christian Church. They want decent pay good medical care and enough money to give their kids a start in life and to fund a few treasured recreational activities They like their culture and their traditions.They do not like the left and they are indignant about lefties claiming to speak for them. These are the facts and it would be nice if all the conceited lefties would grow up and accept them.

  22. I realize the laws are different in the UK than the US, but here in the US spitting on someone is considered an assault and even an act of battery in some states because it involves unwanted physical contact. Retaliating by punching the person who spits on you would likely be considered a use of excessive force but spitting back would probably be ok.

    Dave, very few white people in the UK today can claim they are “the indigenous people of Britain”.

    You also have a very nineteenth century notion regarding nationality, race and identity. To put it very simply, you seem to equate national origin with race and race with the identity of a people. For example, you mention that “nobody tells the Ugandan people that they don’t exist as a distinct people”. I hate to break it to you, but Ugandans do not see themselves as a distinct people. Instead, they are Bugandas, Basogas, Himas and the Irus, etc. etc. etc.

    Moving to Europe, the entire construction of an Italian people (to provide one example) is a very recent development. Prior to the Risorgimento, people would have identified with their state, region, language, class, and so forth but they did not consider themselves Italians.

    As to who is white. That has changed over time as well. In the U.S. most non-WASPs (Irish, Italians, etc.) were not considered white until the mid-twentieth century.

  23. Had he done that in a country like the USA, South Africa, Brazil or Russia or in the Philippines, Bailey would be DEAD! He’d have several bullets in his body in NO TIME!

    • Don’t forget Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan or Venezuela in that list of countries where Bailey will NOT be able to pull off that bullshit he just did!

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