Run, run, Reynard

A young fox eyeballed me in my road yesterday. To break the ice, I whispered a sick joke. He turned and walked away.

Twin babies were got at by a fox in the night. It is a terrible thing to have happened, and it is nobody’s fault. We didn’t know before – because after all it is virtually unheard of for a fox to try to eat a child’s nappy while the child is in it – but now we know to take precautions and keep the door closed.

Instead, the authorities trapped and killed any old fox. Boris is not going to be bothered about the things humans do to attract urban foxes. Instead, he’s going to try to have them killed. But is there any room for Borises in our city?

All over the world, people look after the vulnerable people and animals in their care – it’s part of day-to-day existence to take precautions against snakes, creepy crawlies, bad men. They do not try to cleanse them.

Let’s get this straight. If you are complaining of shit in your garden, you’d better also be campaigning to keep cats on leashes. If you’re complaining about noise, you’d better campaign against the early birds. If you are complaining about them killing your pets, you should have realised your pet was potential fox food as soon as you even saw a fox in the locality.

If they bother you, then be inhospitable to foxes – for God’s sake don’t kill them.

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