10:10 update, some photos

As you may or may not remember, I signed up to the 10:10 campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here is an update.

I repaired a pair of knickers that had gone in the gusset. About to darn my coat, which is worn through at the hip (like everything else which comes into prolonged contact with my hip on the shoulder bag side – the bag is also wearing through).

Between my friend’s hen weekend and her wedding my camera (compact and modestly-priced little Samsung NV3) started to grind and switch itself off when I tried to take a photo. So I sent it to my local Samsung-approved service contractors in Letchworth, who got it back to me repaired on the day before the wedding. Clean, mend and recalibration cost £65 including a £25 assessment fee. I’m happy – only whoever tested it left their battery in. So I hope my reconditioned camera outlasts its current battery so I have a chance to use this one.

Some photos follow, documenting the happy arrival of rain after a worryingly long period of no rain.

Picnic today in Crystal Palace Park shortly before precipitation:

Shortly afterwards during precipitation

Crystal Park Palace

On our way back – Matt on Throgmorton Street, City of London.

Throgmorton Street, City of London

Outside the Hayward Gallery, London South Bank Centre:

From the Hayward Gallery

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