Jay Rayner is not a hypocrite about meat

Today I read Jay Rayner:

“I do so love animals, especially dead, sliced up and roasted ones, their very life blood oozing out of them to the rim of my plate;”

Jay Rayner is contemptuous of what he assumes to be the hypocrisy of people who like their animal cooked all the way through before they sink their teeth in. He believes that these people are attempting to deny that they are eating animal at all, and this bothers him:

“Those of us who eat meat should face up to what it once was: a living creature that bled if it was pricked and can bleed still.”

If like Oscar Wilde you understand that hypocrisy is a compliment that vice pays to virtue, you’ll also understand how natural it is that anybody who has begun to engage with what animals experience in the run up to their unnecessary slaughter should actively try to forget what they are eating. You’ll also conclude that Jay Rayner has no conscience with regard to animals.

Then again, given that he insists “Snobbery is good. Snobbery is terrific. Snobbery is what makes the world move forward” and yet simultaneously favours factory farming over free range, maybe all this appalling, hurtful baiting is more about the struggle between Jay Rayner’s carnivorous tendency and his own conscience than it is about meat eaters who try to forget that they are eating the slaughtered dead.


4 thoughts on “Jay Rayner is not a hypocrite about meat

  1. “bloog”?

    but also –

    “they should be treated with the utmost respect: a good life, a sweet death, and the attentions of someone who knows what the hell they are doing in the kitchen when it gets there.”

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