World War

There’s a bloodless world war going on over Wikileaks (background from Modernity – search for Wikileaks). US government sympathisers are trying to run Wikileaks off the web. A hackers group called Anonymous is responding by attacking the various companies complicit in this. As of now, Amazon is coming down (and sometimes back up) across Europe.

Comment on the conflict from these academics (by the way, in the proposed English funding regime for higher education, these thinkers would not get state funding for teaching about this social side of the Web):

Nothing sensible from me at this time, except I am glad Wikileaks exists, and that I find it provoking that Wikileaks vigilantes have done more damage to capitalist enterprise in a week than anti-capitalists have achieved in the last year.

Update: I hear on this morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today Programme that Amazon say their downtime was due to a hardware fault.

4 thoughts on “World War

  1. Some other key items:
    Anonymous isn’t really a hackers group, but rather the denizens of 4chan, a message board which could be said to be truly anarchistic.
    The software they were using (“Low Orbit Ion Cannon” or LOIC, a sci-fi weapon reference), and encouraging others to grab and use (apparently it’s very easy to download and click “attack”), if not used correctly through secure obfuscated connections, reveals the attackers IP address. Oops. I definitely support their new plan to read and properly disseminate the contents of the leaked cables – the media here certainly isn’t doing that.

  2. “Wikileaks vigilantes have done more damage to capitalist enterprise in a week than…”

    Can’t say I see the damage clearly. In the long run WikiLeaks may have done good to cap. ent. Provided it reacts maturely.

    And I am not sure that the split between WikiLeaks supporters and opponents happens along the left-right border line, so I suggest one should be careful with one’s allegiance.

    • Yeah, I can’t qualify my claim Snoopy. But a lot of business has been disrupted. I don’t know enough about Wikileaks to pledge allegiance just yet but anti-capitalism straddles right and left, too, so I’m not attributing motives, but observing that the broad aims intersected…

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