Bashar Al-Assad’s death charge

Russia is mildly tsking at Assad. Foreign Secretary William Hague pointed out on this morning’s Today Programme that there was no will among the Arab states to take action to prevent the bloody rampages of this particular insecure leader, so we won’t be sending anybody.

Lost count of the dead now in Hama – something like 1,500 since March – but let’s hope it remains far less than the 20,000 who died there at the hands of Al-Assad’s father in 1982.

That’s the dead. An estimated 10,000 detained.

Imagine. Just imagine.

PS The Egyptian army forcibly cleared protesters out of Tahrir Square today, with some local approval.

4 thoughts on “Bashar Al-Assad’s death charge

  1. Just like the 360+ who were trampled to death at the Haaj thowing stones at the devil.

    The official Saudi response was ‘It was the will of Allah and they are all martyrs’.

    That is the type of response we expect from the followers of Islam and their war manual, The Koran.

    • Hi Tony. A lot of atrocities have been committed in the name of many religions. Religious texts are often pretty violent things if read literally. But I it is incorrect to think of the Koran as a war manual, and I’m sorry to note that you have slid very wide of the mark with your comment on “the followers of Islam”. It is simply untrue to typify Muslims as violent. Please follow some of the links I provided, e.g. Quilliam and BMSD to disillusion yourself.

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