Travels in Nihilon

A few more angry thoughts about the outbreak.

  1. This couldn’t have happened a hundred years ago – the kids would have felt ashamed and if not ashamed then afraid of the consequences. They would have known the shopkeepers back then, and probably many of the makers too.
  2. Luxury in the media has reached disgusting levels. There aren’t good role models. Even the survivalists and self-sufficientists (Tom and Barbara excepted) are inauthentically roly poly. Imagine a population of Ray Mearses and Hugh Fearnley Tits – the countryside would look as if locusts had been through.
  3. Advertising, product placement, game shows. Pernicious forms of aspiration. Having and getting, as a way of being yourself. They fuel the web, the free city papers and commercial television, and they helped to pressure cook what happened last week.
  4. Their parents aren’t able or willing.
  5. You can’t stick two fingers up at the police without committing a crime. There was a huge current of wanting to fuck the police. I’m not sure what else the police stand for in these kids’ minds, but definitely protection of something they don’t have a stake in.
  6. Can’t a sense of entitlement to luxury consumer goods turn into politics?
  7. Ed Miliband is right to worry about those who don’t feel they have a stake in society, but he is wrong to say it’s “ridiculous” to compare looters to bankers. There is plenty to compare about them. And these children grew up under a Labour government that believed in trickle down – the poor patiently waiting to receive the crumbs from the table of the rich.
  8. I feel for the police, like I always do. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
  9. Grant Shapps, David Cameron, and all who think like you – are you completely mad?
  10. Definitely the Spirit Level people are right. But it is possible to go too far with equality. If everything comes for free it makes people just as foul.
  11. Protection from the EDL? I’m for a nice big police force and a better IPCC.

Afterthought – another man died of his injuries last night. As well as thieves the arsonists and killers were abroad. I wonder whether they were opportunists waiting for their free run of the city, or whether they also stole, and whether thieves also burned and killed?

More afterthought: reading today’s Observer was a good experience. Peter Beaumont, who usually covers wars in other lands, has a substantial piece in which he talks to Clasford Stirling, one of those men I sometimes hear about who sublimate young rage into football. He says “The confrontation with the police before the looting happened. It was total anger. I’ve never seen young people face to face with the police like that.” And youthworker Alvin Carpio, who “says that … within the groups at the forefront of the trouble – criminal street gangs and local groups of youths who describe themselves as being in “gangs” – a sense of responsibility and loyalty does exist; it is simply misdirected. “There are communities within communities with their own rules”” and that “how for some with few paths available for them to follow, the figure in their community with the big car, the drugs and money appears to offer an alternative.”.

Also in The Observer, epidemiologist Gary Slutkin takes a public health approach to gang violence and rioting as if it were an infection. He questions conventional law enforcement of “community crackdowns, arrests and harsher penalities, heavy-handed suppression techniques, pointing to a (D.C.-based) Justice Policy Institute report (somewhere in their website?) which shows that these tactics have little of their intended effects but create deeper divisions between police and community.

Tracy McVeigh goes to the Hoxton the fashion students don’t visit, to interview nervous underfed kids in cheap, worn clothes who join gangs to defend their patch from the gangs in the next estate, or who have to scurry through the safest route to get a takeaway, and for whom youth clubs are one of a few safe spaces where somebody cares. Fewer than a quarter of those arrested for last week’s violence were under 18.

Tim Adams attends an overnight sitting at Horseferry Road magistrates court and is struck by the bleary eyed banality of the accused and the Dickensian quality of the prosecution. Yes, I’m with him to a certain extent. But he also completely excludes the victims from his reckoning. On the preceding page is a photograph of an 89 year old shop keeper, not very prosperous-looking, who lost everything. What about him? Nobody is much talking about restorative justice, but surely if these looters are so bewildered the morning after, it could work here?

Then I leafed through the Observer Magazine which is a stinky publication full of adverts for the kind of aspirational – i.e. useless, wasteful, environment squandering – products its journalists are now commiserating with people for stealing, and I felt kind of queasy. I get The Observer for the journalists but it makes me cringe in equal measures.

I listened to last year’s RSA debate between the authors of The Spirit Level and some of their critics. In a nutshell the critics query the evidence. They say that raising everybody’s wealth will improve outcomes on a wide range of health and social indices. I thought that the hypothesis that more unequal societies are worse was well defended – and not only in statistical terms. For example – and topically – Richard Wilkinson (one of the authors of The Spirit Level) on the link between inequality and violence,

“Because violence is triggered by disrespect, humiliation, loss of face, being looked down on an in a more unequal society we judge each other more by social status, competition increases and so people get more sensitive to it.”


9 thoughts on “Travels in Nihilon

  1. Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for everybody. It isn’t an African problem. Nobody is flooding Africa with non-Africans and giving them affirmative action, special rights and privileges and free health care. Only white countries are doing this. Only white leaders are supporting this. Only white children are suffering from it. It is genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White!!

    Diversity and Multiculturalism are codewords for the program of White Genocide that has been perpetrated upon White people and their White children.

    • “Nobody is flooding Africa with non-Africans and giving them affirmative action”

      1. Chinese workers have an increasingly large presence in Africa, according to policy set not democratically but by corporations
      2. Affirmative action tends to be considered for disadvantaged groups. Many wealthy countries got rich on the back of exploiting Africa and its inhabitants. Africans living in these countries e.g. the US are often dealing with the legacy of slavery and disadvantage. For those trying to level the playing field, affirmative action is one alternative.

      “Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White …”
      That’s like calling pacifists Nazis – i.e. wrong. And dull.

      “White genocide”
      Rubbish and a slap in the face for genuine victims of genocide. You’ll be looking for a long time to find the victims of white massacre.

      I must ask you not to return here. We are not breaking any ground and I find what you write on my blog offensive.

  2. The snippets I see on the news here are interesting in terms of what they choose to show. One bit stuck out for me: a “youth” pulling his hoodie tight around his face telling a reporter, “The police have too much power, and they use it”. It sounded like he didn’t accept the legitimacy of the police at all. Like they were a rival gang on his turf.

  3. I disagree with a few of your thoughts (notably the first second third, bit of the 8th) – totally agree with # 9. But am too distracted by your first commentator. WTF?! Not read such stuff in a long time. Ah well, freedom of “speech” (does that drivel qualify for speech? for thought?) and all that. And long live trolling… 😉

  4. General Wesley Clark:“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states”
    Notice that he did not say:
    “There is no place in this WORLD for ethnically pure states”
    Only in white countries this is happening,ONLY white leaders are pushing it,ONLY white children are suffering because of it.
    It is genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  5. This is all the fault of the anti-whites.

    They always either ignore or try to minimize non-white violent crime committed against whites.

    Anti-whites are opposed to white people defending their group interests.

    Anti-whites always want what is worse for whites and better for non-whites.

    Anti-whites want a future where whites have become an extinct life-form.

    I agree,Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  6. Fleshisgrass:”“White genocide”
    Rubbish and a slap in the face for genuine victims of genocide. You’ll be looking for a long time to find the victims of white massacre.”

    It`s very revealing that virtually every single anti-white tries to pretend that genocide has to be violent,otherwise it`s not genocide.

    Now,according to the 1948 genocide convention:

    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    even causing serious mental harm is an act of genocide,so deliberate demographic replacement via immigration and “assimilation” obviously also qualifies as genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  7. It’s a long time until Christmas – are you in training for pantomime? Sprinkling your strange and utterly improbable stories of white victimhood at the hands of a force so fiendish that nobody has even died yet as you sit comfortably at your leisure on your nice internet connection. It is almost a treat to encounter racism in such a comic form, I have to say. But the wannabe-victim thing you’re doing, it’s a bit yawnmaking.

    So in spite of the ineptitude of your collective (or is there just one of you, I cannot find the time to check) attempts at sloganeering, I object to the way you are using this blog.


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