Vegan #2

My rigidly-structured daily vegan blogging regime continues.

Animals in the news

Not read the tube papers again today. I know that the London Zoo tiger cub drowned. Was briefly fascinated to hear Zizek, in The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, compare Jaws to Jews as the (constructed) big culprit – but that’s not news. I think the paper news is different from the online news when it comes to animals – worth pursuing. Huffington Post front webpage – ‘Pussy Power – Cat Causes Entire Village to Lose Electricity, and ‘Police Hunt for Budgie Smuggler’. Animals are clownish beings included for our amusement.

Update – how could I forget the news on this morning’s Today Programme, that benobos, known for being very empathetic, are more so once they have learned to govern their own emotions.


  • Breakfast – Sainsbury’s Fruit & Fibre, dry (very nice) and black coffee.
  • Lunch – repeat of last night’s dinner, eaten cold at desk due to laziness (very nice).
  • Snack – more Fruit & Fibre
  • Second snack – rice in seaweed thing from Abokado. Cheap, nice, eaten while walking to the ICA.
  • Third snack – dry bread roll.
  • Dinner – hummus kebab, eaten now.

I need an I Hate Your Fur Coat badge for the season.


Hackett’s, Regent Street – the shop window contains a badger, a fox and a rabbit, stuffed. Sets off the clothes a treat (sickos). Strange how a plastinated corpse a la Gunther Von Hagens somehow wouldn’t.


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