World vegan month #3

My tightly-structured self-imposed daily vegan blogging regime for World Vegan Month continues.

Animals in the news

Compassion in World Farming has been banned from advertising on British television. This is part of an ongoing censorship war between animal advocates and big business. I am pro-censorship when it comes to meat ads.

Farmers’ Weekly reports that if you want to improve your milk yield you need to get rid of all the bovine viral diarrhoea by killing the Persistently Infected calves. Welsh cow farmers can apply to their government for a badger vaccination grant. There’s a problem feeding milk cows because of dwindling maize.

In the Metro paper: a panda is stuck up a tree; the London panda thought to be pregnant is no longer pregnant; an elephant ‘kissed’ a bride and was found to have bad breath; a puppy has a marking in the shape of a perfect heart.

In the Evening Standard paper just a story of a rare oar fish body discovered off the coast of Southern California.

In The Mail online, mother angry that hospital wouldn’t treat her daughter’s false widow bite; bone marrow now sold at Waitrose; polar bear gets milk carton stuck on his nose.

In The Sun online a special offer of an Octonauts book for £1.

On the Animal Aid site, a link to sign a petition to abolish vivisection in the EU. This is by now a respectable and reasonable aspiration – I can’t find the link right now, but there is a government-funded scientific initiative to look into this.

PETA is campaigning to stop Harvey Nichols selling fur and has the Vegan Food Awards 2013.

The Grocer mentions a new Pasture Promise logo for grass-fed cows. A whey recall because of bacteria which causes botulism cost its producer €350m (I cannot recall this happening with plant foods). And horsemeat – probably still with us.

Update: they’re going to put chips in the horns of wild rhinos, to detect their whereabouts and deter poachers. We really pull out the stops for certain animals.


  • Breakfast – dry fruit and fibre from Sainsbury’s, as usual. Nice.
  • Lunch – one and a half rounds of sandwich – own bread with houmous, avocado, salad and some Marigold pomegranate syrup. Terribly good.
  • Snack – more fruit and fibre. At work the others had Indian sweets, very milky.
  • Second snack – two tangerines.
  • Third snack – crisps while walking to M&S to buy knickers and tights.
  • Dinner – cooked in a 20 minutes before a conference call – spaghetti with mushrooms, shredded leek, walnut and blue cheese (Cheezly by Redwood, from Holland & Barrett).

Update: in my pasta sauce was Sainsburys vermouth, which is vegan.


None memorable.


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