World Vegan Month #5

World Vegan Month is actually not until November so I think I’ll have a night off from my tightly-structured daily blogging regime..

Then again, oh well I’m here now.

Animals in the news

On the Today Programme yesterday, I forgot to mention Heston Blumenthal telling a story he calculated would be terribly entertaining, about a medieval recipe where a chicken was plucked alive, rendered unconscious, roasted, served up, and then roused to seemingly come back from the dead. I think he may have mentioned it was ‘shocking’ or similar – but coming from him it seemed kind of approving. On this morning’s edition DynoRod boss tells of finding toilets blocked by puppies people have tried to flush away. And we learn that marmosets instinctively avoid interrupting each other.

Animal Aid has a petition to stop a ferret and dog breeding farm (for vivisection) opening in Yorkshire.

Fox hatred rears its head again. As city dwellers turn against the resourceful stranger in our midst, the League Against Cruel Sports raises the alarm about the repeal of the hunting ban as foxes get blamed for, well, just about everything. As women with a sense of oppression tend to identify with animals, what Jewish bit there is of me does with Reynard.


  • Breakfast – still chomping through that kilo of fruit and fibre, still delicious.
  • Lunch was a nut burger, salad, and potato (packed lunch).
  • Dinner was Linda McCartney sausages, spinach, cabbage, kale, carrot, potatos and gravy.
  • Snack – I ate the rest of yesterday’s chocolate and had some Pipers crisps and then some Coop salt and vinegar chipsticks. Despite being vegan, this was wrong of me.
  • My Vegetarian Shoes boots arrived – they fit well.


Chris Packham the naturalist was on Desert Island Discs, repeated this morning. He is one of many animal lovers calling on cat owners to be more responsible in urban areas and stop harming birds who are already struggling to negotiate an existence alongside humans. It’s not every day I link approvingly to the Daily Mail, but this is one of them.

A colleague who is doggedly researching veganism before commencing World Vegan Month tells me that Superdrug has a vegan cosmetic range called B, endorsed by Cruelty Free International.

I contributed to Barnivore based on yesterday’s inquiry about beers in the Prince Albert in New Cross, and incidentally confirmed that my sedate habit of nipping Cointreau at night is safe from bone char filtered sugar.



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