World Vegan Month #7

I continue my series of posts for World Vegan Month. I’m not happy with how these are going – they need a better eye on the news. However, no time.


  • Breakfast – still on the Sainsbury’s Fruit & Fibre – still nearly 1Kg left, still tasty.
  • Lunch – 2 Sainsbury’s bakery pretzels. But then it occurred to me (after watching the Great British Bake Off final) that these might not be the dead cert vegan I assumed they were, in all their dry, bitter, saltiness. But I can’t tell from the Web. Best avoid. Continuous stricterliness is my game.
  • Co-op custard doughnuts are somehow vegan, so I ate an undisclosed number of those.
  • Dinner was home-made vegetarian lasagne from a recipe by The Gourmet Vegan – could have gone better but good flavour.
  • Grapes.

Animals in the news

  • Based on bad science, the government is prolonging the slaughter of badgers in the name of the continued exploitation of lactating cows. They are making out that the 28,000 cattle killed in 2012 due to bovine TB is a needless death. Too fucking right it is – dairy farmers had them killed because they were economically worthless. Stop the Cull expose weird adding-up on the part of the civil servants, consultants etc setting the targets. It’s almost as if they want it to fail.
  • Not news, but DEFRA has a page on the diseases of farmed animals. 14 exotic disease outbreaks over the past decade at costs ranging from £2 million to £3 billion. Besides the animals, who’s paying?
  • Big dog sits on tube train seat – that’s news if you’re a Metro reader.


  • Yesterday I told my colleague about the French illicit consumption of ortolans (buntings). Raised in the dark, they eat themselves silly. They are then drowned in brandy, cooked, and eaten under a napkin.
  • After the JellyBelly Jellybeans I thought I’d better check the ingredients again. I thought they used palm wax but they don’t – they use beeswax. I am wondering how I got this wrong for so long. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. Perhaps I got mixed up with their weird ‘beanaturals’ range. Goodbye sweet beans.
  • There is a lot of cheese in my fridge. I think it must be left over from a political meeting. I hope it leaves soon.


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