World Vegan Month #11 (poor form)

Another installment of my self-imposed blogging regime – consumption, animals in the news, and animal encounters. I noticed I had two #7s so I’m skipping #10.


Oh dear, looking back it’s a strange day again. Please rest assured that not all vegans browse like me. Many keep regular mealtimes and have an unremarkable amount of carbohydrates.

  • Breakfast: it’s the weekend so I have a little holiday from Sainsbury’s Fruit & Fibre which in any case is at work in its humungous box. Instead I made bread in the bread maker overnight and ate one slice with Meridian Peanut Butter and another slice with Matt’s posh aged Marmite. And Suma spread. And Co-op filter coffee. We have stopped bothering with the filter because it sinks to the bottom of the cup fine.
  • Midday – a cup of Pukka Love tea, out in Gants Hill.
  • Lunch – 2 Co-op custard doughnuts (yes, vegan). They aren’t very big.
  • Second lunch – by 3.30pm I had sorted out the front garden, helped somebody rehearse something, got groceries, and washed up. I made a clear soup of finely chopped leek, potato and carrot with Kallo stock and herbs I grew (bay, oregano, sage), with a splash of cider vinegar and a splash of Sainsbury’s Vermouth, also vegan.
  • Strange non-meal – undisclosed number Cypressa breadsticks with houmous.
  • More food – a pear, a satsuma, a plum.

Animals in the news

  • Over on Meatinfo I learn that the first UK Halal abattoir has been certified. I couldn’t help noticing that the commenters were overwrought about this, considering that non-Halal abattoirs are known for terror and cruelty. It’s not actually about the animals, is it chaps.
  • Meatinfo seem to be saying that we can expect horsemeat until 2016.
  • The Wildlife Trusts have a badger vaccination programme you could consider supporting. Contrast this with the government-funded slaughter of badgers so that people can continue to leech off the lactating mother of another species.


  • Black fly on the potted black mint I have in the kitchen. I killed these with soapy water. Does anybody have anything to say about this?
  • Different flies in the compost heap, where the apple waste from cider making is, along with a woollen jumper of Matt’s – and latterly the clothes moths – and even more latterly, the worms..
  • Woodlice under the ox-eye daisies I pulled from the cracks in the concrete of our front path.
  • A beautiful yellow and dark brown snail, of a kind I haven’t seen round here.
  • More cat shit in the garden – thank you neighbours.
  • The usual post-bin-day meat-related rubbish round the garden. Whiskas tin this time. Usually it’s pedigree chum. Once again, thanks neighbours.



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