World Vegan Month #9 (reversion to type)

In the run up to, and during, World Vegan Month, I’m blogging consumption, animals in the news, and animal encounters. This is a rather sparse Friday post.


  • Breakfast – see earlier. Still good. And what a good deal for a penny pincher.
  • Lunch – leftovers from yesterday, namely aubergine in a walnut sauce (Greek dish I made from a Greek Vegetarian cookery book given to me by a former  Greek colleague), roast potatoes and salad. A current colleague brought me in some home-made tabouleh. Aren’t I lucky? As we all know, food is love.
  • Dinner – met friends from former workplace at Jamie’s Italian in Greenwich. As threatened I had to eat gluten-free pasta with Norma sauce. Was OK, but ultimately like going to a restaurant that only serves plov. I also shared an unbelievably small number of olives arranged on crushed ice in a terracotta olive bowl. Pffff. I skipped dessert but forgot not to split the bill equally. That means I as good as consumed the profiteroles and the ice cream. Fuck.

Animals in the news

  • From the Metro, an eagle was pecked by another bird and a lion in Toronto nearly caught a pigeon.
  • And over at Global Meat News is a story from the IMS Symposium on Future Meat Production which warns against well-funded animal welfare groups. The implication is that meat producers now need to vie with animal welfare activists to tell consumers what quality means. Apparently “the days of ‘anything goes’ will not work any more”. I find this interesting given that food prices have risen while incomes have fallen. There’s a genuine yuck factor around meat production. Unfortunately little of that seems to be about the abuse and ultimate murder of animals. Hat tip Academic Abolitionist Vegan.


  • Predictably, almost nobody is bothering to read these World Vegan Month posts. But ultimately web search engines will bring them eyeballs.

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