World Vegan Month #12

After a barely avoidable hiatus I resume my ‘daily’ blogging for World Vegan Month under the sections Consumption, Animals in the News, and Encounters. Got some catching up to do. Thankfully I started in October so perhaps it’s the other way round.


  • Breakfast – in a hotel! Three hash browns, baked beans, toast, half a tomato – skipped the weird hotel boiled mushrooms. Tinned prunes, berries, mandarin. Fresh melon. Black coffee.
  • Lunch – in a conference centre! Crudites, houmous, guacamole, salsa. Pre-arranged chilli and rice. Pineapple, melon. Tea.
  • Snack – boiled sweets.
  • Dinner – Linda McCartney pie with carrots, courgette, swede, broccoli and red wine gravy from the aforementioned large left-over box of ‘seasoned’ partially denatured cooking wine. Mmmm.

Animals in the news

My notes from the ridiculous free tube papers:

  • Blind chicken was saved from drowning by its keeper in the USA. In other news, a million chickens die each hour. In the USA alone.
  • Or to put it another way,
  • A bit of cryptozoology the Metro purloined from the National Geographic – Big Foot is apparently just an old kind of polar bear.
  • It’s well known that some of the world’s major psychopaths were artists. Thing Egon Schiller nearly being Hitler’s room mate at the Frankfurt School. Lady Gaga is a chillingly callous fur wearer. In her defence she cites the meat dress she once wore. She says, “You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance.” Somehow you see a Gaga, I see Elena Ceausescu.
  • I was cheered to read that in Mexico a sealion took a trophy fish off some men who were holding it up for a camera.
  • The crime prevention minister is consulting on putting savage dog owners in prison. Guide dog owners in particular (their dogs are conditioned to act in a way other dogs can find too odd to cope with – Matt and I know from our travels dogs are some of the most prejudiced beings in existence) will be grateful for this.
  • Somebody proposed to a dolphin. No, got that slightly wrong.
  • A young seahorse is lovingly raised in London’s Sealife aquarium
  • The Queen visits Brixton’s Ebony Horse Club the unintended consequence of which is to teach poor people how to exploit animals for recreation.
  • An the slightly better Guardian reports that apparently fish pedicures are on the back foot because of animal welfare concerns.


  • Somebody brought an Old English Sheepdog puppy into the quiet carriage and s/he was quieter than the people.
  • There are mice in my office. Because there are crumbs in my office. So they put out mouse traps – the bit of Central London where I work is full of mouse traps and rat traps. Feckless people drop food and the rodents come to take it. Then for some reason we treat the rodents as if they were the rubbish. We disgust me.
  • I’m not aware of any other encounters – this is awful. It means humans aren’t sharing the space with animals ethically. Seriously, we are disgusting to the animals. We are collectively barbarians who do violence to the term ‘human’. All of which is perfectly legal and normal. This isn’t misanthropic to acknowledge – it’s a necessary precursor to change.

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