World Vegan Month #13

I’m hardly deluged with reader requests for the continuation of my ‘daily’ blogging for World Vegan Month under the sections Consumption, Animals in the News, and Encounters. Perhaps they aren’t very good. Well, it’s almost always late when I write them.

What I ate today (formerly ‘Consumption’)

  • Breakfast – Sainsbury’s Fruit & Fibre (see previous days with exception of #12)
  • Lunch – a packed lunch of houmous and salad baguette.
  • Snack –  Cofresh Quinoa crisps in cream cheese and chive flavour (the price of these varies according the the profit margins of the vendor, but they really aren’t cheap – I was at a low ebb)
  • Dinner – roast squash, roast cauliflour, roast onions, baked potato and some Fry’s vegan polony, fried. Well, toasted, really (it’s made of wheat protein aka gluten. Very partial to this but best consumed in moderation. It took me two guests on the Moral Maze to slice it in half from frozen.)

Animals in the news

I didn’t read the news today. In the morning I read an article about the importance of sleep, which made me feel sleepy. In the evening My bottle leaked in my bag so I put the free paper in there to soak up the water.

A light hearted report from the Daily Mail, who have for some reason turned their attention to up state New York. Woman called Daisy Cowit crashed her jeep into a herd of cows. She was texting and “seemed indignant about the fuss being made over the animals”.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance suggested saving money by replacing lawnmowers with ruminants, but Unite (the union) say that urban rustlers could spring up.

Animal encounters

On my way through a certain square every morning I encounter a dog who’s a real character. It – he, I’ll say – is very old, grey muzzle and chest. He never acknowledges me because it’s all about his ball. His owner, a mature woman always sits on the same bench. She usually has a hand outstretched while the dog jaws the ball just out of reach. He nudges it towards her (never quite within convenient reach) but grabs it back a few times before she can pick it up. Eventually he lets her take it, then she holds it in front of his nose and moves it up, then down, then one side, then the other. The dog is avid. Then some tens of seconds later she throws it. He leaps off and retrieves it. As soon as he grabs it, his demeanour changes – it becomes clear that he is decrepit and rickety. He makes his way back to her stiffly and haltingly. Then he reaches her, and immediately seems once again to forget the pain. The power of that ball – it’s unbelievable.

Now my English San Francisco dwelling friend Muteboy is chatting me – what a lovely thing! Not this mute boy, though.


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