The Star Inn at Dylife – under new management

Update January 2014: brilliant – as of December ’13 the Star Inn at Dylife is under new management. It’s going to be refurbished – see its Facebook page for progress and opening times. To celebrate I changed the title of this post to something more promising, and the following post is of historical interest only.


We’re planning our summer long-distance walk. It’s going to be the mid and higher sections of the Cambrian Way, having done the lower section over 9 days last year. Although 19 country miles is a hell of a long way in Wales, it will be worth it to avoid the Star Inn at Dyliffe (or Dylife) with its ungracious, racist staff and malodorous rooms. When we stayed there in 2005 on Glyndwr’s Way they wouldn’t serve breakfast before a sluggish 8.30 a.m. although 6 of their guests were on long distance journeys which required an early start. They and some friend who dropped by had a prolonged joke in the bar about slipping bacon into the sandwiches of a group of orthodox Jews holidaying down the road, for whom one of them was catering. They insulted absent guests in the presence of other guests. Their packed lunch was both meager and unappetising, not to mention untrustworthy (I’d told them I was Jewish soon after the racist incident). The room was shabby, ugly and smelt of chip fat. Others have called the Star Inn ‘grim’ – it’s the worst place I’ve ever stayed. Rather sleep rough than give them a penny.

Update: read the comments below for some alternative places to stay in the area.