3D campuses on Google Earth

Oh wow. Somebody made the Stanford campus look like Ancient Rome (maybe it really does – ordinarily I’d be able to check the fidelity of the representation by clicking on the little camera icons, but there aren’t any in Stanford yet).

Some of the Purdue’s buildings looks like they’re clad in tartan. Do we have to settle for these graphics?

Unlike Stanford, Purdue opted to superimpose their campus on existing Google Earth satellite images of the ground so there’s an amusing mix of flat and 3D – love how they carefully modelled their fountain but balked at the adjacent trees and cars (which as a result still looks like different-coloured pancakes).

It would be good to see inside the buildings too. Maybe next month?

Great project. (Alter ego Slippery-Slope Flesh is nervy – this is clicks versus bricks and clicks are winning. Watch all our campuses get sold off – I give them 5 more years. Students and academics will never smell or touch each other again.)

Google-Adoring Flesh: on Google Earth my journey from Stanford to Purdue was a 4 second whisk over the curving globe.

Google 3D campus screen shot

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