UCU members for a ballot on the academic boycott of Israel


UCU Members for a Ballot

We want a ballot of all members of the University and Colleges Union on the question of a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. We want a direct say in our union’s policy on this issue.

Whatever members think about the issue of a boycott of Israel, we believe that members have a right to a direct say. Individual members should have a direct vote, just as we do on industrial action. A decision on a boycott taken at Congress, without a ballot first, would be wrong – and disastrous for the credibility of the union. After the debates, let’s have a vote.

It’s our union. We want a ballot.

This website is launched by two ordinary UCU members: Jimmy Donaghey (Queens University, Belfast UCU) and Jon Pike (Open University UCU).

A ballot because our Congress delegates have a track record of voting against the interests of their members on this matter, and because if we don’t have one I think that delegates will be elected on a single issue – like last time.

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