The ban on circus animals

It was good to see so many MPs opposing the enslavement of animals for entertainment – in the case of the Conservatives like Mark Pritchard – despite threats from their leadership.

They did the right thing. Now this can come before Parliament and be outlawed.


  • The distinction between ‘wild’ and other animals is false. The only distinctions worth making are the levels of suffering the animals are subjected to, to what end, and what this says about us. Is a moderately or occasionally diverting life as an amusement for humans so much worse than living as a cripple in a cage too small to stretch your wings in?
  • We should not allow ourselves to be diverted by lions and elephants while ignoring millions of animals who live in pain and die brutally.
  • This is the experience of almost all the animals whose lives are controlled by humans.
  • I won’t go to any circus which exploits animals, but I think it’s important to keep in mind that, say, eating cheese involves far more anguish, exploitation and violence to animals than going to the circus – the antibiotics, containment, separation of mother from young, slaughter of the male calves as soon as profitable, and of the cows as soon as they reach the end of their productive lives.
  • I also speculate that circus animals probably have a better life than many pets.

More on the circus ban, and on efforts to ban of the act of barbarity which is bull fighting.

When it comes to animals, humans are truly a debased species. But slowly, slowly, and always with the possibility of relapse, we are recovering.


2 thoughts on “The ban on circus animals

  1. There is no dought about human cruelty.
    Man’s inhumanity to man is in a class of it’s own.

    We are in an adolescent stage of our evolution. Even we, doubt if we will make it beyond the next century or if we will cestroy ourselves sooner.

    We need to be taught from day one to be citizens who take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Because no one but the individual can know our thoughts and feelings from moment to moment. We can’t read anothers mind!

    Democracy is not perfect but it is the best we have.

    If I respect your freedom to make responsible choices & you respect mine ?

    There is no conflict !

    But there is a beginning of maturity into a true adulthood.

    Then maybe we will be accepted into The Federation of Planets.

    I know this sounds crazy but!!!

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